Meera, Shahroz and 25 other celebrities to be a part of a song in film ‘Cha Ja Ray’

If you have been following Lollywood tabloids closely, it is probable that the news of an upcoming youth drama film called Cha Ja Ray may have crossed your path.

The film was announced a few months ago and it went on to release a teaser, which featured Indian Actor Aditi Singh in a glamorous dance track as well as a few glimpses of the actors involved in the project. Aditi Singh was earlier seen in a parallel lead in Javed Sheikh’s Wajood.

The star cast of Cha Ja Ray is a mix of young blood and veterans including names like Nadeem Baig, Javed Sheikh alongside Arisha Razi and Madeeha Hassan Ziadi. While the project is still in its production phase, the latest on the film is that it is going to have a multi-starrer dance number that will feature prominent names from the industry and social media alongside the main cast of the film.

The multi-starrer dance number

The song will most likely be used in the promotional campaign of the film and might appear when the end credits roll.

According to our sources, the song will feature names like Meera, Mathira, Shehroz and Behroz Sabzwari, Aijaz Aslam, Sana Fakhar, Rambo, Sahiba, Nasir Khan Jan alongside twenty other prominent names. The song is being choreographed by the ace choreographer Wahaab Shah (of the Baaji, Chhalaawa, and Rangreza fame).

Multi-starrer dance numbers in Lollywood: A brief history

It’s not the first time a Pakistani film will have a multi-starrer dance number as a feature.

The experiment was first conducted in a 90s flick called Haseeno Ki Baraat, which conceptualized the idea of bringing several industry names in one song. Produced by Sajjad Gul and released in 1992, the film was Anjuman’s comeback film back in the nineties. It also featured names like Javed Sheikh and Saima Noor.

Later on, the same concept was rehashed by Reema and Saqib Malik for the former’s film Love Mein Ghum‘s title song which featured around 40 Pakistani celebrities from fashion, film, and TV. Catchy and beautiful as the video was, it received some undue criticism from a section of Pakistani public for being a copy of Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om. This should not come as a surprise from the public that is more exposed to Bollywood and remains largely ignorant to the work done by local artists in Pakistan.

Cha Ja Ray, produced by Talha Jameel Khan and directed by Jibran Basheer, is said to have an important social message, based on the themes of education and sports. It revolves around young people trying to save their school from getting demolished.

Cha Ja Ray does not have a release date as of yet but we will definitely be waiting for this one. 

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