Here’s how ‘Do Bol’ has given ‘traditional’ storylines a new meaning

Coming to an end, one of the most popular serials of this year, Do Bol has had the people glued to the television screens since the first day it aired. Written by the extremely talented Sarwat Nazeer, the serial kept the audience on its toes until the last episode. While all of the characters in the serial played their roles flawlessly, it was Geiti (Hira Mani) and Badar (Affan Waheed) who had cast the magic spell over the audiences.

While Hira and Affan are both flawless actors, their debut as an on-screen couple, proved to be a match made in heaven. Their chemistry was the kind that every girl wishes for with her significant other. Badar proved to be every girl’s prince charming and Geiti won everybody’s sympathy with her innocence.

What made Do Bol stand out?

Although our television channels are full of stereotypical stories being aired one after the other and are loved by the audience as well, what made Do bol stand out? Yes, the actors’ impeccable acting may be counted as a factor but we’ll say the main reason was the quality of the serial that made it everyone’s favorite. A simple and sweet story full of emotions, the overall treatment and execution was what turned it into a memorable drama.

Despite the story being a typical poor-boy-fell-in-love-with-a-rich-girl, the screenplay and dialogues made this serial one of its kind. The joint family feuds and the love triangle of Sameer, Geiti, and Badar were portrayed with such brilliance that despite being a simple story, it felt like a magical fairy tale, which kept the audience cheering for Geiti and Badar. Sarwat Nazeer has proven to be a gifted writer, and her prowess of adding so many flavors in the simplest of stories is commendable.

These type of traditional love stories full of family feuds have been the Pakistani audiences favorite, what made Do Bol stand out was the quality of its content, and the perfect depiction if the director’s vision. Let this be an example to all the future and current writers of how to make their routine story, stand out from the rest. Do Bol will always be etched into our hearts, and the bliss of the unity of Geiti and Badar has finally put our souls at peace. 


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