Suno Chanda 2’s first episode aired last night and it was exactly what we needed

Last year, Suno Chanda came out and subtly became a part of our rather desi lives with its relatability and we are definitely not complaining. The serial won the audience’s hearts despite being aired in the busy month of Ramazan. The light-hearted comedy serial, aired by HUM TV is based on a joint family, and everyday family arguments, amongst which the love story of Jiya (Iqra Aziz) and Arsal (Farhan Saeed) takes place. The appreciation that the serial got was well justified and it definitely deserved a second season. The trailers of the second season started airing last month and got everybody excited for the new season.

And true to their word, everybody’s favorite comedy serial is back and we must say it’s with a BANG. Its first episode got aired last night and it was nothing less than, HILARIOUS! The episode opened exactly where the last season had ended; the first morning of Jiya and Arsal’s life as a married couple. Their arguments started there and then and continued throughout the episode.

Suno Chanda back with a BANG!

In the beginning, Jiya kicks Arsal out of their bedroom due to his snoring and to make her pay for it, Arsal tries to impose all the traditional wife duties on Jiya. The whole family is seen running around the new couple’s issues, but Arsal wins everybody’s support and takes advantage of it to tease Jiya further. But despite their innocent fighting, the spark between Arsal and Jiya is seen in a few scenes where he compliments her for the way she looks, and their chemistry continues.

Of recurring and new characters

One of the funniest characters of the show, Arsal’s mother, Shahaana (Nadia Afgan) lives up to her character once again and becomes one of the highlights of the show with her naïve and outspoken attitude. Out of her jealousy for Billo, she calls another member of the family, Pari, who turns out to be Nazakat Bhai’s long lost love interest.

The character of Pari seems to be another well written humorous character until now, with her Punjabi attire and traditional Punjabi language. Nazakat can’t decide whether to be happy or frightened because of her arrival and that has piqued the audience’s interest as to what would happen next.

All the characters from Shahana to Bi Jaan and the youngest one Daniyal were full of humor, but the credit goes to the writer who has written the characters so well, they blend into one family perfectly and each character keeps the audience’s interest at its peak, with its peculiarity. There was not one bland moment in the first episode and gladly more is yet to come!

Perfect for the holy month of Ramazan, this light-hearted serial deserves all the credit it gets, and we can’t wait for the second episode tonight. It airs at 9pm for those who haven’t watched it yet. RAMADAN KAREEM!   


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