Morning show host apologizes to Nasir Khanjan, here is everything that went down!

Yesterday and the day before that, probably for the first time, Pakistani social media platforms united in raising their voice against a morning show host who invited the social media star Nasir Khanjan to the show ‘Naya Din’ and then hurled, uncalled for, insulting remarks at him.

Some background on the whole incident

It all started when Muhammad Shuaeb and Kiran Aftab, the hosts of morning show ‘Naya Din’ for Samaa TV invited the social media star, Nasir Khanjan, to their show yesterday. The anchor (Muhammad Shuaeb) lost his cool and yelled relentlessly on Nasir for putting up semi-naked pictures of himself on the social media.

He told Nasir that he considered his pictures and videos ‘vulgar’ to which Nasir very confidently responded and told him that he has worked hard on his body and while this could be his opinion that his semi-naked videos or pictures are vulgar, he doesn’t think so. But unfortunately, even that didn’t stop Mr. Shuaeb from further humiliating his guest. He continued to yell at him while Nair continued to respond decently. Here is the clip:

Pakistani social media users were quick to notice this irresponsible display of Journalism and called him out on it. Earlier today, Khanjan himself responded to the issue.

Nasir mentioned that he is super grateful to his fans for their support. He then appealed to the TV Shows’ hosts to always respect their guests. Khanjan also talked about how he wasn’t aware that such questions are asked at the shows and that he wasn’t ready. Here is the video of Nasir responding (still very decently) to the entire feud:

Samaa TV host apologizes

About two hours ago, the host apologized to Khanjan, all thanks to the social media activism. Mr. Shuaeb opened the show and accepted that he had been rude to Nasir and that he accepts that he couldn’t respect his guest. He had Khanjan on-line with him who then went on to accept his apology and told him that he considered him his brother. Khanjan also mentioned that he isn’t mad because people who were against him previously, even they supported him through this and that he is grateful. Here is yet another clip, for y’all, of Mr. Shuaeb apologizing to Khanjan.

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