Here’s the complete story behind the curious case of ‘Bulbulay’ airing on BOL, instead of ARY!

The long-running sitcom Bulbulay has been Pakistani viewers’ favorite for years now. ARY Digital, the home for the show, has consistently aired show’s re-runs in the absence of its new episodes because the audience just can’t get enough of it. So, when the posts, of Bulbulay’s new episodes being shot, were released, this was obviously very exciting news for the fans of the show.

Twist in the tale

However, the twist in the tale came in the form of the channel, Bol Entertainment. The said channel has been airing new episodes of the show with the title Phir Bulbulay, as well as uploading them on their Youtube channel, and calling it the show’s second season; the very season which was supposed to start airing on ARY from Eid ul Fitr (I know, we are confused too!).

A little refresher for our readers who might be unaware of the situation. Around two years ago, there was news that Bulbulay will be shifting from ARY Digital and will make Bol Entertainment its new home. However, no solid development happened after that until recently, when the news of Bulbulay being revived on ARY came out. Since this news, there has been no mention of Bol Entertainment’s involvement with the show whatsoever. So, how are the new episodes being aired there and what exactly is happening?

Nabeel’s take on the whole confusion fest

We called up the producer of the show, Nabeel, to get to the bottom of this situation. He told us that the episodes that are being aired on Bol Entertainment are being done so illegally.

“When I was the CEO of Bol Entertainment for some time, there was a decision of airing my show Bulbulay there. So, some episodes for the show were produced. However, due to issues of mismanagement over at the channel, which includes my unpaid salary for almost 15 months, I left that position and all association with it.”

Nabeel further explained that there were some also some issues regarding Bulbulay’s ownership with ARY. “I am the producer of the show and ARY has been the channel that has always aired the show so there was a little issue of ownership there. But both the parties reached a compromise and now Bulbulay will continue to retain its home at ARY with new episodes being shot and ready to air on Eid and afterward. It is a win-win situation.”

So, why is Bol Entertainment airing the episodes?

So, why is Bol Entertainment airing the episodes? Nabeel replied that Bol does not have any ownership of the show or those episodes. He is the producer of the show and the episodes are his property but since the episodes were shot when he was working as the CEO of the channel, the episodes have remained with the channel and haven’t been given back to him yet.

“Considering how they have managed to avoid me on the subject of my unpaid salary, this feels like a personal attack aimed towards me,” Nabeel said. “But the case about this issue is in the court and the decision is expected to come by Monday.”

Lastly, he assured that the new episodes of Bulbulay would soon start airing on ARY exclusively. The show will come back on TV with special episodes on the first and second day of Eid and afterwards, would resume its regular telecast on its allocated weekend slot on the channel.

For a show that has spread happiness and laughter for the audience in abundance to be stuck in a court case surely feels like a downer. But with the producer himself being optimistic about the case and the new episodes for the show ready to go on-air on Eid, the gloom isn’t meant to last for long. This Eid ul Fitr is surely going to be a laugh riot for all the fans of the show and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


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