Is ‘Suno Chanda’ turning into the millennial version of ‘Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat’?

Suno Chanda is back and it is reigning over our screens. Be it waiting for it to air or catching glimpses on the actors’ Instagram accounts, the entire country is in a Suno Chanda fever.

Today, as I sat thinking about Iftar and post-Iftar shenanigans, something occurred to me. The Suno Chanda craze brought to mind another such series which had become the life of our televisions a while back; the hilarious Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat series, the crowning glory of Saima Chaudry and the show that gave us so many good memories. And now I can’t help but think, is Suno Chanda turning into a somewhat millennial version of Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat?

Saima Chaudry – Shahana Jamshed

Strong-willed proud Punjabans with an entirely entertaining grip on English, both set out to marry their jawan puttars. The first of the series was Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat in which Azar, Saima’s adopted son, married Sila, a girl with an entirely different upbringing. Sort of like Arsal and Jiya’s marriage as it happened against all odds.

Shadis galore

The Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat series gave us 4 seasons of chaotic and fun weddings. From Azar to Dolly to Taaka to Annie, each season brought a new shaadi with new issues, extended relatives and adorable couples.

In Suno Chanda, the shaadi saga started with Arsal and Jiya’s love-hate relationship but the new season brings many more festive tidings. The ‘IT’ couple’s walima is yet to happen and already, some old, some new couples are next in line. Sherry and Kinza are engaged, Joji and Bilo are to be nikkahfied and we’re all waiting to see Mithu’s Maina, though the new character is yet to fly in (Fly in, gettit?).

Oh and there’s the curious case of Bee Jaan and Agha Jee but that too seems jeopardized by the entry of Nagina Chachi (Saima Chaudry 2.0).

Family dynamics

Be it Azar’s patakha family from Faisalabad or Sila’s sophisticated family from Karachi, the love, openness, and chaos extended to both homes. Whenever the two families came together, it was a riot on-screen and yet, the audience was always left feeling like they were a part of the fold.

Arsal and Jiya’s is also one big, happy family with its own issues and differences but at the end of the day, the love shines bright. From the youngest DJ to the eldest Bee Jaan, the entire family clicks well together despite having similar patakha punjabi vs. suljhi hui Karachiite dynamic. Oh and let’s not forget, the Pakhtun Phuppa also molds well, a little too well, with all the single ladies.

Character Deja Vu

The family dynamics and shadis of Suno Chanda are not the only things that remind us of the KKAB series. Some of the characters also bring a strong sense of deja-vu.

In Taakay Ki Ayegi Baraat, we saw Ali Safeena take on the role of Mushtaq a.k.a Taaka, owner of ‘100 murabbay zameen‘, a Punjabi munda who comes to town to get married. Fast forward to Jawad a.k.a Joji, the murabbay have been replaced by tractors for Shahana’s cousin from Punjab, who is here to attend Arsal-Jiya’s wedding but staying on for his own shaadi. Ring any bells?

Also, let’s have a look at Samina Ahmed as the matriarch. In KKAB series, she played the fashion conscious and organized Nani. She was the head of the house, living with her daughter and nieces. In Suno Chanda, the veteran actress returned as the strict yet loving Bee Jaan. A widow, Jamshed and Nazakat’s mother, and Agha Jee’s old flame. The roles do seem a bit familiar.

All in all, both the dramas have become mass entertainers of their time and we can’t help but see a few creative similarities. Or maybe it’s our overactive imagination working through the roza.

Let us know what you guys think.


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