Here’s why you should be looking forward to ‘Chhalawa’, this Eid

The first half of the month of Ramzan is over. This means that the countdown for Eid has now officially begun. And for us Lollywood lovers, Eid means the release of two new Pakistani movies. One of them is the Wajahat Rauf directorial Chhalawa which is really looking like a perfect desi entertainment that we all love.

Here are some of the reasons why we think you should be excited to watch Chhalawa on this Eid. Let’s dissect its entertainment value, step by step, together: 

We will be getting a new Mehndi jam

Weddings are our very own parties. And what are parties without dance numbers that everyone can jam to? The promo of Chhalawa’s title track is already out and it is hitting all the right notes. From the instantly addicting music to the eye-catching choreography, this song is ready to become the new Mehndi jam of the season in the post-Ramzan wedding and party season.

Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman’s chemistry

Mehwish and Azfar are longtime best friends. They are one of the few long-standing duos who have shared a very close friendship for years without necessarily working together all the time. While Punjab Nahin Jaungi had them sharing the screen as a couple for a short time, it is Chhalawa that would be their first time coming together as a proper lead pair. It would be interesting to see how they are going to channel their real-life chemistry into on-screen magic.

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui’s debut as a pair

Zara and Asad have proven to be quite a beautiful and powerful couple. Ever since they got married, the duo has won hearts with their compatibility and the comfort they share as a pair; completely devoted to and in love with each other. Interestingly, the two have never shared the screen together despite belonging to the same industry. All that would change with this movie as this real-life couple will now get the chance to romance on the big screen.

Wahab Shah’s choreography

One of the most successful and prominent choreographers of the country, Wahab Shah surely knows how to direct the most original yet viral dance numbers. With him helming the movie as the director of choreography and Mehwish Hayat taking over the dance floor, the songs of the movie are bound to be something special. Already the glimpses of Mehwish’s song Chirrya in the trailer are looking great and we can’t wait to see them all play out on the big screen.

That shoutout to GalaxyLollywood

Hey, a major Pakistani movie just gave Galaxy Lollywood a shoutout in its trailer. Of course, we would talk about it! But on a serious note, that little quip of Aashir Wajahat’s character calling Zara Noor Abbas’s character “Oh, GalaxyLollywood!” when she was being all filmy just shows Wajahat’s brand of humor that encompasses of all the relevant pop-culture references. A Pakistani movie having humor that is instantly recognizable and exclusive to the Pakistanis is something that we all need in our life.

This was just a short list of why we think Chhalawa is going to be THE desi entertainment of the summer. Well, just two weeks are left until the movie is released. We will see if all this excitement is going to be worth it.  


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