Here is what your favorite celebrities are up to, on their YouTube channels

Pakistan has had a rough history with Youtube. The few years that Youtube was banned in the country, Pakistan could not participate in the rising trend of ‘Youtube Stars’. It took years for the ban to be lifted. Now that it has officially been lifted and Google recognizes Pakistan as one of its partner countries, the platform is free to use for all for more than video sharing and streaming purposes. The monetization of videos has made Youtube a platform that is taken seriously by content creators all around.

Although Pakistan does have its share of famous Youtube personalities, what is interesting to note is that it is not just being used by common folks as a platform to showcase their talent. Many of the celebrities belonging to the entertainment industry have started to turn to Youtube as a way of sharing their life and connecting with their fans. Long gone are the days of lengthy Facebook posts to update the fans or share views about the current affairs; Youtube vlogs have become the trend now.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous celebrities who have entered the Youtube world and get a brief glimpse of the content that they are sharing.

Nadia Khan

The once reigning queen of morning shows in Pakistan, Nadia Khan had taken a long sabbatical from television for a few years. A couple of years ago, however, she started a Youtube channel called “” where Nadia shares various beauty tips and styling hacks. But the major purpose of the channel is for Nadia to sell a different kind of beauty and weight loss products from her website called, you guessed it,

Hina Altaf

The beautiful, young actress and VJ Hina Altaf is not new to Youtube. She had a channel with 176k subscribers and she was very active there as well. But she lost that channel some time ago. But not to be deterred, Hina made a new channel and continues to post styling videos and daily life vlogs to share her life with her fans.

Yasir Hussain

Yasir is surely a busy man with his hands in almost everything the entertainment industry has to offer. From stage plays to dramas to hosting to movies – Yasir has done pretty much everything. Although he has had a Youtube channel for years now, he has begun to take it seriously now as he has started a what looks like a self-produced comedy web series called “CIDefg”. The channel and the series do not have many views to boast about but it’s just the start for him on Youtube.

Hania Amir

The dimpled beauty has newly joined this platform with her vlogging channel. In her own words, she made the channel because despite being in the industry for a while now, no one knows what goes on in her life. Her Youtube channel is her way of sharing her life with her fans and give them a chance to have an insight into what Hania Amir actually is in real life. She has just posted one vlog so far and it is all about her still figuring out what kind of content she can create. Oh, and her alleged beau Asim Azhar also makes an appearance in the vlog so there is that.

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha’s Youtube channel only has two videos so far. Her first video is about her visit to a shelter house called Sirat-ul-Jannah that serves as a home for orphaned and abandoned kids, especially kids who have gone through physical abuse. She shed light on the problem of orphaned kids in a developing nation like Pakistan and urged her viewers to care for these issues. Her next video was all about her getting tips for having a healthier diet. So, it is safe to say that Ayesha’s channel aims to be a mix and match of various things related to both her and the society.

Sahiba Afzal

This yesteryear actress and wife to Lollywood superstar Rambo has a Youtube channel with over 100k subscribers and videos which have crossed 1 million mark in views. Sahiba shares daily vlogs, life advice, sneak peeks into her personal life, as well as sharing her personal recipes with her viewers.

Bilal Khan

Probably the first Pakistani singer/celebrity to use his Youtube channel for the sake of vlogging, Bilal Khan has been vlogging for over a year now. Using his vlogs to talk about his journey on television, Bilal makes fun little vlogs from his daily life where various other celebrities like Kubra Khan and Maya Ali have also appeared as guests. His vlogs from his stint in the drama Khamoshi became quite famous as he shared exclusive behind the scenes happenings on a drama set, something that the audience does not get to see too often.

These are just some of the Pakistani celebrities trying their hands on having a Youtube career. Seeing the trend of more and more celebrities choosing to have their channel to share their life with their fans instead of relying on various entertainment portals to do it for them, it looks like this is just the beginning of stars-on-Youtube phase. We might be seeing more and more celebrities turning to Youtube very soon.