Exclusive: “I will be back soon,” Kubra Khan talks about deactivating her Instagram account

Kubra Khan, the Pakistani actress and model, has been in news for quite some time now. From her recent telefilm Laal with Gohar Rasheed and Bilal Abbas to her doing a special dance number in the upcoming film Superstar, Kubra has been on our newsfeeds, constantly (and we aren’t complaining). Cherry on top, she will also be seen in Sana Shahnawaz’s new production Alif alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly.

Recently, a number of people noticed that Kubra’s Instagram was gone and hence, a lot was said, heard and speculated. A number of her fans also messaged us to inquire about why Kubra’s account was no longer active.

We thought that it would be best to reach out to the star herself and hear what she has to say about her sudden disappearance from social media. Truth be told, “sorry, this page isn’t available right now” had us worried, through and through.

Here’s what Kubra herself has to say

We reached out to Kubra to ask about her Instagram deactivation. “I am just taking some time out for myself. Otherwise, I get inclined to check my Instagram all the time so yes, I deactivated it so I can take a break,” told the actress.

When asked about if and when she will be coming back, Kubra had the following to say, “I will be back very soon; before Eid. Until then, I am on a social media break.” Amidst all the bedlam surrounding the industry and our actors, we sometimes tend to forget that they are people too who need to take breaks to rejuvenate themselves.

You do you, Kubra. We’ll see you soon.


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