Mehwish Hayat is the true dancing queen of the industry and we have proof

Mehwish Hayat is a name which needs no introduction. Riding high on success for a long time, the Tamgha Imtiaz holder is a complete package. There isn’t anything the lady can’t do as she can act, sing and oh also, dance perfectly.

Without a doubt, the lady is a raging phenomenon for she has been churning out one hit after another; cases in point: Na Maloom Afraad, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Actor in Law, Load Wedding and now the upcoming Chhalawa (well, we have our fingers crossed). Out of these hit films, she has popular dance sequences in most of them. It is, therefore, only fair to delve into her dancing abilities, so let’s just get on that.

Wahab Shah on Mehwish’s dancing skills

Let’s begin by having a look at what the leading choreographers in the country have to say about Mehwish and the subject of our discussion here aka her dancing skills. In an interview with the acclaimed choreographer Wahab Shah (that we did last month), he stated that Mehwish Hayat is a fantastic dancer amongst the current lot (and we wholeheartedly agree). He then went on to mention how Mehwish is one of the only few artists in the industry who have established themselves as the real dancers. While talking about his work in Chhalawa with the said actress, he said, “as far as how difficult my dance steps were, I think Mehwish can answer that in a better way, but I do know that she tried well and did justice to the steps. Both Zara Noor and Mehwish have done brilliant work and their dances are gonna be fun.”

Moreover, Mehwish has another dance number titled Chidya in Chhalawa. Up until now, we have only seen a few glimpses of the song in the said film’s trailer, however, according to Mehwish herself, the song is definitely super great and will surprise people. It is choreographed by Wahab Shah and is, in essence, a “performance-based song” as Mehwish likes to call it.

Mehwish and the case of ‘Billi’

Mehwish Hayat first came on the silver screen as a dancer in the foot-tapping ‘Billi’ in Na Maloom Afraad, and honestly, there was no looking back for her from there. The Billi seems to be equipped with all the elements needed to be just the perfect dancer.  It won’t be wrong to say that Mehwish lights up the screen whenever she starts dancing; from her latkas and jhatkas to her facial expressions syncing with the beat; each and every element is on point. Here is another exhibit for y’all!

A final word

With a charismatic on-screen persona, it is safe to say that with the passage of time, Mehwish has acquired different forms of dancing. In Load Wedding; she shook a leg to a Punjabi number while perfectly immaculating the zest and zeal needed in a Bhangra number. One can clearly tell that she has established herself as a dancer while she continues to give us unforgettable dance performances one after the other.

This year, we get to watch Mehwish alongside debutante Zara Noor in a peppy song (which we are sure will become our mehndi jam of the season). With her smooth moves and fun-filled expressions, Mehwish has surely made the steps worth imitating on mehndis. With another song yet to be released (Chidya, as mentioned earlier), we can’t wait to watch what she has in store for us.

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