Zara Noor Abbas’ ‘Deewar-E-Shab’ hits all the right notes with the viewers

The teasers of the upcoming drama Deewar-E-Shab came out last week and it looked nothing less than phenomenal. The period drama series has been created and produced by Momina Duraid of MD Productions and directed by Iqbal Hussain. It is the dramatization of the novel of the same name by Aliya Bukhari. The show boasts an ensemble cast including Asma Abbas, Zara Noor Abbas, Bushra Ansari, Shahroz Sabzwari, Shahzad Sheikh, Nausheen Shah, Sarah Khan, Mohsin Abbas Haider, amongst others.

The casting coup in Deewar-E-Shab

The play had been in the news for a while mainly because of Zara, Asma Abbas and Bushra Ansari sharing screen space for the first time. Interestingly, they will be switching their real-life roles as Asma Abbas will play Zara’s maternal aunt while Bushra Ansari would play her mother.  Expanding her versatility, Zara would be portraying the role of a courtesan for the first time in her career.

Not only this family but two members of the coveted Sheikh family are also on board for the play; Shahzad Sheikh and Shahroz Sabzwari will be for the first time, exclusively seen together on screen.

What Deewar-E-Shab is about

Set in the 1980s, the period drama is based on the culture of dance and music presented by courtesans. The story follows the much-acclaimed profession being enjoyed by elitists but due to changing times, the business experiences a downfall. Having dedicated their lives to singing and dancing, Sitara Mahal (courtesan house) is determined to keep the tradition alive by passing it down to generations.

The first episode gives us an insight into the trio of Zara, her mother, and aunt. Alongside, on the parallel lines, Nausheen Shah and Mohsin Abbas Haider’s story is carved into the narrative.

Sitara Jahan (Bushra Ansari) tells her daughter Feroza (Zara Noor) Sur Sangeet, rang roop, ang aur ada humari zindagi hai which instigates the lifestyle they are born, bred and brought up in and will continue to live in throughout their lives. Feroza masters the art of singing and dancing, while on the other hand, her sister Nagina (Nausheen Shah) does not seem to be a fan of the profession.

Moving forth, as the story continues Dildar Begum (Asma Abbas) is brought in as Sitara’s younger sister (who also belongs to the same profession). She begs and pleads Sitara Jahan as she wishes to take Feroza to a grand dance program. While Sitara seems reluctant at first, she allows Dildar later on. Her worst fears come alive when Dildar returns without Feroza. What ulterior motives lie with Dildar, we will have to continue watching to find out.

The star of the episode – Zara

From Bushra Ansari to Asma Abbas, Mohammad Ahmed, and Mohsin Abbas, all the actors in the play bring their A-game to the front, but without a doubt, Zara takes the cake in this one.

As beautiful as she looks, with her expressions and moves on point, she dances impeccably well too. Not one but we are entertained with two of Zara’s dance numbers in the drama. From her acting to her dancing skills, Zara shone all out in her debut film Chhalawa as well and it will be safe to say that she stole the show in the first episode of Deewar-E-Shab

From the glitzy costumes to the traditional jewelry, the aaleeshan haveli to the classical dancing and not to forget the ensemble cast consisting of seasoned actors, I feel the drama will hit all the right notes.

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