Here’s what makes these Television ‘joris’ as remarkably natural as they are

Although we see couples on our televisions every day, there are some that are just hard to forget and their on-screen persona becomes etched in our minds. Some actors naturally share great on-screen chemistry and when they share screen space, there are bound to be fireworks. From Fawad – Mahira to Osman – Maya, we’ve had quite a few loveable joris in the past. Moving forward, our recent dramas have given us more such joris to fall in love with. Here is our list of everyone’s favorites:

Farhan Saeed  – Iqra Aziz

Everyone’s favorite Farhan and Iqra starred as Arsal and Jiya in Suno Chanda last year. The banter between the two cousins, trapped in a marriage without consent; and willing to do anything possible to break apart, made the couple look very realistic, thus making viewers fall in love with them.

The show was only a month long but during its short stint, it went on to become a phenomenal success marking Farhan and Iqra as the next IT couple. Due to the popular demand especially for the couple, the show made a comeback last month and yet again the actors were highly praised for their explosive chemistry.

Imran Ashraf – Iqra Aziz

By now everyone knows Imran is a force to be reckoned with. But who does Imran credit most of his success to? That’s right, it’s none other than Iqra Aziz. In his own words, Imran has said that Iqra is his lucky charm and it is his great fortune having worked with a powerhouse like her.

Imran and Iqra first starred together as Yasir and Tabeer in Tabeer as a married couple who are hopelessly in love with each other but fate had other plans for them as Yasir passes away in an accident. Although Imran had a short role in the drama, the connection between the two made the audience wanting to see more.

Recently, the dynamic duo came together in an altogether different avatar in the much-acclaimed drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Imran as the lovable Bhola and Iqra as the strong yet soft-hearted Noori won everyone’s hearts without a doubt. Noori’s small acts of kindness towards Bhola leave us gushing over the couple. The couple shares a love-hate relationship as Noori transitions from a fun loving wife to that of an agitated girl whilst finally seeing her former lover’s true colors and realizing that she has fallen in love with Bhola.

Affan Waheed – Hira Mani

Another super hit drama of the year, which had the audiences glued to their TV screens was Do Bol. Starring Affan and Hira, the drama portrayed the story of star crossed lovers intertwined in family dilemmas.

Affan’s character, Badr was that of a hopeless romantic who would do anything in his might to first procure his lover and then to keep her happy, while on the other hand, Hira played the character of Gaiti, a strong girl yearning for love to come her way.

When everyone turns a blind eye to Gaiti and her feelings, it is Badr who stands by her and takes care of her. Although he got married to her under unforeseeable circumstances, Gaiti comes to terms with her relationship with Badr after seeing the extent to which he loves her. Badr’s simplicity and generosity and Gaiti’s headstrong nature made them a powerful on-screen couple.

Feroze Khan – Sana Javed

A saga that begins with a murder, turns to obsession, metamorphoses into love, and finally converts into ‘Ishq’, Khaani had all the ingredients to make a drama devotee fall head over heels.

Starring Sana Javed as Khaani and Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi, the drama serial enthralled audiences in an intriguing way. When Mir Hadi kills Khaani’s twin brother Sarim; she decides to avenge his murder. Due to her courageous nature,  Mir Hadi falls in love with her and tries to woo her over by secretly sending her gifts. As a twisted love story is about to begin, Khaani lets go of her feelings when she realizes her mysterious lover is actually her brother’s killer.

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Another love-hate relationship of sorts, Khaani’s rejection towards his love and finally her forgiveness towards Mir Hadi’s heinous crime change him to become a man devoted to love and spirituality. The shift in Mir Haadi’s personality from a rich, spoilt brat to a spiritual lover and Khaani’s brave, iron-willed nature made their characters worth watching.

Feroze and Sana also co-starred in Romeo Weds Heer showcasing some cracking chemistry between the two.

Usman Mukhtar – Naimal Khawar

Usman and Naimal’s pairing as Altamash and Izza came through as lovable from the very beginning of their presence in Anaa.

Izza continued to ward off Altamash’s advances towards her, under the misconception that he is an arrogant man who does not actually have feelings for her, their story built up rather slowly giving their relationship a realistic feel.

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Altamash’s character has been established as the best possible suitor for every woman in his circle, a man who plays hard to get even to the woman he loves; Izza. He cannot see her with anyone else yet he won’t express his feelings to her. Izza, on the other hand, it seems is afraid of being rejected by a man who she is attracted to, even though he makes her feel like she isn’t important enough.

Although, the duo has contradictory personalities and dwell in constant arguments; there is a constant pull towards them that makes the audience want them together.

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