Parey Hut Love’s trailer promises a soulful romance against the backdrop of stunning visuals

Well, it is finally here. After being in the news for over a year, Parey Hut Love has finally released its trailer and given an extended look into what the movie is all about. Although the cast and crew of the film have remained tight-lipped about the story of the movie, from the information that they had given out in various miscellaneous interviews, PHL sounded like an “old-school soulful romance drama” which has elements of every emotion that makes for a compelling mainstream movie. And judging from the trailer, Parey Hut Love does look like that.

A glimpse into Parey Hut Love‘s trailer

The almost three-minute-long trailer does not reveal much of the story. What we do get to see is a plethora of characters against the backdrop of some of the most visually stunning frames. Most of the focus, however, is on the character of Sheheryar played by, either as a coincidence or by plan, Sheheryar Munawar. Sheheryar is a TV actor who plans on making it big and is just awaiting the right kind of role. Supporting him in his struggle are the characters of Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt while Sheheryar’s father, again either by chance or plan played by Sheheryar Munawar’s real-life father Munawar Alam Siddiqui, sounds distressed about the choices his son is making.

Sheheryar Munawar – Maya Ali chemistry

The trailer, after establishing a few of the supporting character, then introduces Saniya – played by Maya Ali and we get the hints of the soulful romance that the film boasts about being its USP. Saniya and Sheheryar share many moments which transport you to the land of the dreamlike romances that have become so rare in movies nowadays.

The two of them bond over Faiz’s shayari while sitting on the terrace, share a private moment of intimacy during a dance, Sheheryar even transforms an abandoned archive room of a studio into a land of magic for Saniya; the moments and the chemistry shared by Sheheryar and Maya are both beautiful and perfect to be experienced on the big screen.

The twist comes in when Saniya introduces Sheheryar to Hassan, played by Shahbaz Shigri, as her fiancé and we see an intense confrontation between Sheheryar and Saniya. How did their story come to this? Well, the trailer doesn’t answer that and does a wonderful job as it definitely piques the curiosity of the audience to find out the real story by watching the movie.

Of an abundance of characters and shadis

With a star cast that boasts of veterans like Nadeem to Hina Dilpazeer to debutants like Parisheh James and Jimmy Khan, Parey Hut Love has many characters to tell the story. This is excluding the cameos which include Fawad Khan, Meera, Sonya Jehan, Cybil Chaudhry and of course, Mahira Khan in a special role. The trailer does a commendable job in giving each character a moment to shine and perfectly establishes what to expect from them in the film.

At one point in the trailer, Sheheryar exclaims, “Shaadi, shaadi, shaadi! Ye kya obsession hai iss qoum ko shaadi ka?!” This one dialogue very aptly describes the aesthetics of the film. Throughout the trailer, we see glimpses of a whopping four weddings, each different from the other. There are few directors with a vision as grand and as colorful as Asim Raza and Parey Hut Love has his signature touch stamped on all the frames. The production design of the film looks stunning and truly the kind that is made for the big screen. Asim has definitely upped his game after Ho Mann Jahan and based the world of PHL in the beautiful locales of Bahawalpur, Muzaffarabad, and all the way to Turkey.

Of dance numbers, music and more

There is a funeral scene in the trailer with a predominantly white color palette, a dance number featuring Mahira Khan which is drenched red, and a wedding dance number with almost all the major characters decked up head to toe in beautiful couture dresses as they twirl around on a grand dance floor; the world of Parey Hut Love is colorful and bright and instantly captivating.

The music of the film, composed by the brilliantly talented Azaan Sami Khan, promises PHL to be a movie with a soundtrack for the ages. The three songs featured in the trailer, Haaye Dil Bechara (an upbeat, peppy party dance number), Morey Saiyaan (a classical dance number), and Behka Na (a soft, romantic melody) all sound promising and we can’t wait to hear their full versions. There is a big shaadi number sung by Hadiqa Kiyani that wasn’t featured in the trailer but it already has our interest.

A final word

All in all, Parey Hut Love promises a story of love, commitment, and weddings, set against gorgeous visuals and mesmerizing soundtracks. The acting by Sheheryar Munawar looks solid as he switches from a man in love to a man hurt by love. Maya Ali in just her second stint on the big screen shines bright like a star. The few glimpses of Zara Noor promise yet another beautiful performance by this new star and Ahmed Ali Butt, of course, never fails to charm whenever he is on the big screen. The romance and the intensity hinted in the trailer definitely makes PHL a film to watch out for. The trailer definitely has us excited for the film and we cannot wait for it to release more content.

Parey Hut Love releases on Eid ul Azha.

Here is the full trailer:


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