This Is Why Zahid Ahmed Deserves More Credit As A Performer

Not every day do we come across stars who are blessed with range and diversity, but if you ask who would make it to the list, Zahid Ahmed would be on it. From being a creative manager to an RJ, from Broadway to now television, this guy has done it all. He has been in the television industry for the past five years and despite his impeccable acting, has only been able to bag one award. It comes as no surprise that remarkable actors like him don’t get the recognition they deserve in our country, the reason usually being nepotism or lack of opportunities.

Lights, camera, action!

Zahid made his debut in Mehram in 2014, however, the serial that earned him critical acclaim was Alvida aired on Hum TV. Since then he has worked in numerous drama serials, flattering us and paving his way into our hearts, also informally winning him the title “chocolate boy”. Despite his impressive acting ability, Zahid has only been able to bag one award for his negative role in Alvida. That being said, he is no less in the romantic roles he has played.

zahid ahmed
Source: ARY Digital

Zahid Ahmed is one of few people who have made their mark in the television industry in a short amount of time. He has played versatile roles of a passionate lover, a villain, a punk, a quirky friend and in his latest serial, a split personality patient. Zahid has always been a fine actor, whose flawless expressions, body language and dialogue delivery are equally matched by his heart-tingling voice. He proves project after project that he is a complete package of hard work, charm and talent.


Off-screen, Zahid is a perfect family man. Pictures of him with his family on Instagram are a sight for sore eyes and may also bring a smile to your face. But what’s even more inspiring is the transformation that Zahid went through, both physically and mentally.

A number of people may already know about Zahid’s physical transformation. He is known to have battled with obesity and gone from that to being the hunk he is now. Similarly, he also went from being half-bald to having a head full of hair. But what isn’t disclosed too much is perhaps Zahid’s greatest struggle before stepping into the drama industry: paralysis from head to toe. Being paralyzed for four months and having to fight with financial constraints simultaneously, there were many times when things didn’t look up. But he’s a fighter.

zahid ahmed
Source: zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram

Zahid is a man who deserves appreciation, both, on and off screen. His persona in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, as a split personality patient has us all in awe. The television industry is constantly evolving and characters like Sameer/Sameera are bringing about a healthy change in how on-screen roles are defined. This welcome change with Zahid’s fine acting has us eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes.


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