These Pakistani Actresses Are Not Afraid Of Challenging Drama Roles

pakistani actresses

Acting is a lot more than it seems to be. To us, it may seem like all Pakistani actresses and actors do is memorize a few lines and say them out loud, but those who are actually doing it know that it is far from the truth. Bringing out the required emotions at the right time is an art only a few can master.

In Pakistan, a spectrum of actors exists. It goes from actors doing comfortable roles to those looking to play unique, challenging roles as an actor. To think of it, some of the most challenging drama roles have often turned out to be the most remembered in television history. And some of the best have been played by women.

These are some Pakistani actresses who have played challenging roles and wowed audiences with their phenomenal performances:

Iqra Aziz in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Iqra Aziz was already loved by many thanks to her dramas like Qurban, Tabeer and the immensely popular Suno Chanda, but the one role which made her stand out was that of Noori. Considering Noori belonged to a poor family whose only source of income was picking up garbage, doing that role would have been difficult and not too attractive as well, but Iqra did justice to it.

pakistani actresses
Source: Hum TV

Yumna Zaidi in Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila

Sexual abuse is a topic that a lot of actors aren’t ready to explore yet. But Yumna Zaidi not only chose to play the role of a young girl being sexually abused by a close relative, she also did it with dedication. Due to a limited number of dialogues in the drama, most of her performance rested on her expressions. It goes without saying, she was able to display every single emotion her character, Sila, was going through.

pakistani actresses
Source: Hum TV

Ushnah Shah in Alif Allah Aur Insaan

For the role of Rani, a beggar, Ushnah Shah actually went around streets and begged in real life with hidden cameras. But the challenging role didn’t end there. As the story progressed, Ushnah’s character, Rani, ended up working at a brothel to progress and become head courtesan. And so from being a beggar to a courtesan, she worked really hard to capture the transition of her character.

Source: Hum TV

Sana Fakhar in Alif Allah Aur Insaan

Another interesting character from the drama Alif Allah Aur Insaan was that of Nigar Begum. It was gracefully played by Sana Fakhar. She played the head courtesan of a brothel. The role required Sana to possess elegance and finesse which, lucky for Sana, was something that comes to her naturally.

pakistani actresses
Source: ShowbizAndNewz/Twitter

Saba Qamar in Baaghi

Perhaps one of the most divisive dramas of Pakistan, Baaghi was based on the life of the famous yet controversial social media star, Qandeel Baloch. Saba Qamar was roped in to play the lead role. Though the drama received a lot of criticism, but one thing that people appreciated throughout was Saba Qamar’s acting and how she did justice to Qandeel Baloch’s personality.

pakistani actresses
Source: Urdu1

Sanam Saeed in Deedan

Mostly known for playing headstrong characters, this was a departure for Sanam from her usual roles. She played the role of a Pathan woman who was forced to marry a man she disliked. Learning to act like a person from a completely different culture poses a great challenge for actors. This, however, did not seem like a problem for Sanam as she played the part to perfection.

pakistani actresses
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