Style File: All looks ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ from the 18th Lux Style Awards 2019!

lux style awards

The 18th Lux Style Awards 2019 took place in Karachi past weekend. The event was abundant with Pakistan’s top showbiz and entertainment names, some competing against each other for a chance to win the Lux statuette.

That being said, no winning can be done without having an iconic, show-stopping outfit on. Some steal the show with their glamor and, while some outfits barely make a difference and are cancelled. We don’t know about you but here’s what Hajira, Kahkashan and Atiqa at Galaxy Lollywood think about some very popular outfits.

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui

Hajira: Zara carried herself really well. She has impeccable taste in fashion but unfortunately her red carpet look failed to wow me. Her golden flow-y dress had no shape and looked rather sack-like.
Kahkshaan: I always wished someone would style her and finally got to see these gems! Rao Ali Khan did a fabulous job here. Love the pop of red on the lips which easily compliments the Hollywood waves and flow-y gown. Accompanied by her beau, Asad chose a good ol’ tuxedo which makes both of them look like super desirable.
Atiqa: I think Zara stole the show with her look. The gold red carpet gown was stunning and the red look was also very glamorous. Asad made nice arm candy with her, complimenting his better half.

Sana Javed

lux style awards

Hajira: Sana Javed missed the mark completely. Her eye makeup looks good but purple isn’t her color.
Kahkshaan: I’d have to be biased here just because Sana’s wearing one of my favorite colors. The only thing I’d change is have the sleeves upright as they look shabby here.
Atiqa: That dress did nothing for her. She’s a gorgeous girl but maybe a more flattering cut would’ve suited her better. The hair and makeup was okay.

Mehwish Hayat

lux style awards

Hajira: Mehwish is stunning, but her dress wasn’t doing much for her. Red is a dangerous color to pull off, and I think her outfit was very boring making her look like the opposite of a style icon.
Kahkshaan: I actually can’t understand what this outfit is. Is it a dress? A suit? An eastern or western outfit? God knows! Gangster Guriya mode much? Especially with that scary eye-makeup and hairdo.
Atiqa: Mehwish has impeccable style sense but at the LSAs she just looked like a giant, Christmas present.

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf

lux style awards

Hajira: Leading lady of the big screen, Mahira, looked heart-stoppingly ravishing in the golden and brown outfit she was wearing. I could not take my eyes off her. The ever-dapper Bilal Ashraf looked oh-so-handsome in the classic black suit he donned. I mean, the man is so good looking he’ll make a sack look hot too!
Kahkshaan: Mahira is beautiful and we all know that, but then you look at the outfit and just wonder why she would pick that. It absolutely destroys Mahira’s whole persona. Bilal Ashraf looks dapper and fresh as ever!
Atiqa: The superstar couple looked super cute together. Bilal looked dapper but Mahira’s dress wasn’t very impressive IRL. It looks amazing in the pictures though.

Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar

lux style awards

Hajira: Maya Ali looked like she had just walked out of a fairy tale. With the stunning white gown and sleek bun she looked like an enchantress. It looked like Sheheryar was there to attend a “social-cause benefit gala” which is good I guess. Nothing truly noteworthy though.
Kahkshaan: The ‘Parey Hut Love’ duo walked in together and I’d have to say I’m kind of disappointed with Maya’s look. As much as I tried to love the Nomi Ansari dress, it does not speak haute couture to me. Coming to the hair, it looks like she had absolutely no time to get her hair done, thus put them in a bun. Also, that big chunky kundan-y necklace is a huge no from me. Sheheryar, on the other hand looks absolutely smart and handsome.
Atiqa: I didn’t know how to feel about Maya’s look at first but it grew on me. Loving the intimate pictures. Sheheryar looked handsome too.

Ushna Shah

lux style awards

Hajira: The talented actress was a breath of fresh air. Her form-fitting mermaid dress and high ponytail were giving me Beyoncé feels.
Kahkshaan: As much as I love the upper half of the outfit, the bottom makes me think how can one even walk in a gown like that? Kudos to the makeup artist for that glowy look but, hello, hair inspired by Beyonce’s Met Gala look?
Atiqa: Ushna’s look gave me some Beyoncé meets J-LO vibes and it was cool. Bonus points for her panache.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

lux style awards

Hajira: When it comes to experimenting with style, Iqra Aziz doesn’t shy away. She went Ariana Grande-style with a gorgeous Ali Xeeshan pant suit including a long, hand painted train. Yasir Hussain, on the other hand, did not do the trick for me. His look was a little too funky for my taste.
Kahkshaan: This newly-engaged couple surely made heads turn in customized matching outfits from Ali Xeeshan. Once you understand the concept behind this outfit, that is when it makes you fall in love with it. The only thing I’d love to change here is not have Iqra’s fake ponytail as her short hair would have worked wonders instead.
Atiqa: I loved everything about the statement ensembles complimenting each other. Ali Xeeshan definitely did right by them. Too cute.

Sarwat Gillani

lux style awards

Hajira: You don’t see Sarwat Gillani a lot but when you see her it’s always her classy self. She was an amalgamation of alluring curves and beguiling features which I, for one, am crushing over!
Kahkshaan: Elsa vibes! Loving the nude makeup look and sleek straight hair, Sarwat nails this one.
Atiqa: I loved it. The dress, the hair and makeup, all on-point.

Momina Mustehsan

lux style awards

Hajira: Momina chose to wear a bright-yellow dress with a pleared skirt, which is good if one was attending high school but not up to the par for an award show. 10 on 10 for personality though!
Kahkshaan: Did Momina forget she’s attending LSAs and not a random birthday party? And who wears a cross body bag over a couture outfit? Cringe.
Atiqa: She looked cute but definitely not red carpet-ready.

Feroze Khan

lux style awards

Hajira: Feroze Khan is the chocolate boy of Pakistani dramas hence I expected him to dress the part but, honestly, he was giving off grandpa vibes with his checkered coat and long hair. A more millennial look would have done wonders!
Kahkshaan: Not a fan of this look at all, but it would have suited an older man. The brown suit and unkempt hair just adds years to Feroze’s age
Atiqa: The entire look was a NO for me. Feroze is capable of pulling off much more sophisticated looks. The checkered coat and unkempt hair was just a miss.


lux style awards

Hajira: Meera jee was all frills and shrills on the LSA Red Carpet, probably high on her movie Baaji’s success. She could have experimented a little more with her look.
Kahkshaan: Everything about this look is off – the top and bottom half just do not seem to compliment each other at all. Even the hair, makeup and accessories do not do anything to uplift the look.
Atiqa: I think Meera jee looked stunning, from the waist-up. I’m not too keen on the ruffled skirt.

Sadaf Kanwal

lux style awards

Hajira: I think Sadaf’s green dress and bold liner look was a little cringe-worthy. The problem was that her makeup, hair and dress were fighting for attention rather than complementing each other.
Kahkshaan: Not a sucker for satin silks at all, so this one’s a no from my side. Also the hair and makeup is kind of loud (Amy Winehouse vibes).
Atiqa: The colour, the cut, the slit, it all looked like a bit of a mess to me. I did not love it.

Imran Ashraf

lux style awards

Hajira: Imran looked elegant as ever in his black attire, but I truly think his wife stole the show.
Kahkshaan: Traditional attire done right! Thumbs up to Imran for choosing to wear a sherwani on the red carpet while others were lost in a swarm of suits.
Atiqa: The desi attire from Sapphire was a breath of fresh air. Also, Bhola can do no wrong.

Fahad Mustafa

lux style awardsHajira: Fahad Mustafa carries himself with grace only a few can master. His LSA look was no different.
Kahkshaan: The embroidered flowers add an unconventional twist to what would have been an otherwise boring suit. Fahad sure pulls it off with ease!
Atiqa: Fahad played it safe. The suit was trendy yet elegant. He looked as handsome as ever.

Atif Aslam

lux style awards

Hajira: Atif looked good in his glittering black jacket suit. I guess glitz is “in” this season. He slays every style he chooses.
Kahkshaan: Totally digging this look! Atif surely looks like the rockstar he is in this custom Munib Nawaz suit.
Atiqa: I liked Atif’s red carpet look. He looked handsome and his suit had just the right amount of trendy mixed with flashy. Spot on.

Mawra Hocane

lux style awards

Hajira: Mawra looked super chic and sexy in the white maxi gown she wore. A Grecian goddess.
Kahkshaan: Lux girl Mawra was late to the party and rightfully so as she hits all the right notes in this Manish Malhotra gown. I’m glad she chose not to leave her hair open as it allows the outfit to do the talking. Subtle makeup and perfect hair, 10/10 for this one.
Atiqa: Mawra’s love for Manish Malhotra came through. I loved her look. The dress was stunning and the hair and makeup went really well with it.

Saba Qamar

Hajira: Saba was slaying the white evening dress she had on. With her hair swept back and nude makeup, she looked ethereal.
Kahkshaan: Not a fan of the satin silk gown. It’s way too muted and subtle. Maybe something of color would have worked well but kudos to the hair and makeup department for keeping the sophistication of the look intact!
Atiqa: In general, both of her looks were fine but considering she’s a Lux girl, they were lacking. Saba’s red carpet look lacked the ‘oomph’ you’d expect from her.

Here’s what we thought. Do you share similar opinions?


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