Why Are Pakistani Dramas Such Massive Successes In India?

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In the recent years we have seen a lot of cross-culture exchange when we think about Pakistani dramas airing in India. They have become so popular in that a new television channel, ZEE Zindagi, was created solely to telecast hit Pakistani shows. It was through these Pakistani dramas that our brilliant actors were introduced to India.

Be it Fawad Khan’s boyish charm or Ahsan Khan’s impeccable acting skills, the channel telecast it all. Dramas like Humsafar, Aun Zara, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Meray Qatil Meray Dildar got immense love and recognition from across the border. Actors like Paresh Rawal, Kajol and Javed Jaffrey have previously praised ZEE Zindagi and its shows.

But here’s the big question? Kyu? Jab itni well-established industry hai India ki tou why did Pakistani dramas receive such appreciation? Akhir sautan ko itni immediate acceptance kyu? So I browsed through interviews, entertainment magazines and the internet for an answer. Here’s what I found:

Pakistani dramas are more realistic in nature

They depict stories that hit home. They are raw and close to reality unlike Indian dramas where if an actor doesn’t come back after dying ‘tou kuch adhoora adhoora saa lagta hai’. Like how many times did Mihir survive death in the hit show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? I think, a solid four times.
Source: Brandsynario

The zooming in and zooming out

You’ve probably also noted how Indian cameramen get a little too excited when it comes to revealing plot twists. The zooming in and out of the lens to impose a shock factor is annoying and doesn’t do much to help the audience except for give them headaches. In Pakistani dramas they build up tension towards a big reveal through the strong story line, but the zooming in and zooming out is only kept for the climax.
source: google search/youtube

Less episodes

Indian shows usually have 3000+ episodes. If they’re not cancelled, people just like to keep dragging them on and on. Honestly though, who can keep up with this much drama? As a result, the story becomes weak and monotonous. Pakistani dramas on the other hand are short and sweet. They usually span over a month or two and you get a story which is clear and not dragged.
source: the express tribune blog

No super villains or super heroes

In Indian dramas there is no middle ground. Either a character is extremely naive, gullible or extremely spiteful and devious, which is far from reality. Pakistani dramas illustrate complex characters, much closer to reality, which audiences can relate to. Neither are the protagonists diabetic-ally sweet nor are the antagonists extremely evil. That helps keep up the mystique and it’s all about relatability.
source: times now

Pakistani shows are around social issues

The story line of Indian dramas is so redundant that after the first fifty episode or so you cant seem to figure out ke ho kia raha hai? Pakistani dramas, on the other hand, have some theme. Usually a social issue, if you may. The creators make sure that the audience takes back something after they are done with the show. Meanwhile, across the border, Prerna has to choose between Anurag and Mr Bajaj just for the sake of it!

source: vidpk

Amazing OSTs

Pakistani shows have amazing OSTs (original sound tracks) and a lot of thought is put into making them, whereas Indian shows don’t bother putting in any such effort. Bollywood k gaanay chala dete hain beech mai bus. Pakistani dramas’ OSTs are so catchy that once you listen to them you kind of want to see the show too. Wo humsafar tha magar uss say/ Humnavai naa thi kaa koi competion hai bhalla?
source; google search/vidpk

So to sum up all the chitter chatter, Pakistani dramas are widely popular in India as well because they are relatable, deliver a social message, are close to reality and just more believable. Kudos to our drama Industry for working so hard and making us proud everywhere!


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