Here’s Why ‘Superstar’ Is Our First Choice This Eid

As Eid draws nearer, the promotional race is on. Our star casts are city-hopping to gather the crowds and their social media teams are busy spreading the word online. All three films are trying their best to gain the audience’s attention for the Eid weekend which will crown one of them as the decisive winner.

For now, we’re all over the little snippets, songs, and trailers the films are giving us and analyzing everything the best as we can. While Parey Hut Love promises a grand affair and Heer Maan Ja is banking on great laughs, Superstar promises a roller coaster of emotions which looks like a complete crowd magnet.

This comes as no surprise, seeing as the woman behind it all is Momina Duraid. MD Productions has churned out some of the most lauded dramas and films over the past years. Be it Humsafar or Diyar-e-Dil, or the blockbuster Bin Roye, intense romance is Momina’s forte and the Superstar trailer shows the same promising glimpses of passionate, doomed love.

Another plus point for the film is that it is directed by Ehtesham-Ud-Din. He has already worked with Mahira in the past and given us Sadqay Tumharay, a drama with a beautifully tragic love story. So, the team behind Superstar is a fortress of talent with maximum success rate.

First Look

The trailer for Superstar gives us a good idea of the plot and while some argue that the frames lack the ‘larger than life’ vibe required for a film, the overall beauty and sentimentality shines through. Interestingly, another criticism has been that the trailer has revealed the entire plot, which when we asked Mahira and Bilal, they reassured us that the way the trailer has been cut is nothing like what the actual film is all about!

The trailer starts off with a fairy-tale vibe, glorifying the film industry but slowly takes a darker turn. It shows an undercurrent of darkness and mystery that will surely be a treat to watch on the big screen. The best part is how Noor’s character evolves, even in the 3-minute trailer. It promises some serious character development for her in the film, from a small-town actor to the “sab se roshan sitara” or Superstar.

Also, following Sameer and Noor’s journey, seeing the infatuation bloom into a full-blown romance and then seeing them lock horns as they try to establish dominance in the same fraternity is bound to be good. So much drama!

Stellar Cast and Sizzling Chemistry

Coming to the cast, while Mahira is Lollywood’s darling and there’s no denying it, Bilal Ashraf is also one of the country’s hottest actors and Superstar shows it. The lead cast of the film is super attractive and the chemistry they share is a very promising part of the story.

All 3 films are centered on love stories but Superstar seems to be the strongest on this front as it is selling the film on the lead’s chemistry. PHL has a very promising lead couple but, owing to the film’s promotional choices, we haven’t seen the strong chemistry that Sheheryar and Maya share off-screen reflect to its full potential on-screen yet. The case with HMJ is similar – great cast but mediocre emotions. On the other hand, Sameer and Noor’s pairing, their connection has us intrigued already. Both actors bring the characters to life in a way that each of their emotions seems totally heart-felt.

The beauty of new love, the smitten couple, the heartbreak, it all seems so lifelike that it’s hard to remind ourselves that it’s scripted. Also, the lead pair is sure to pull in big crowds based on star status alone. Already, the trailer and music videos have received millions of views and rave reviews from audiences all over the country.

Great Music

As the release dates are almost upon us, both Parey Hut Love and Superstar have released four songs each, whereas Heer Maan Ja has released two.

The songs from Superstar are all, in a word, beautifully done. Bekaraan is the ultimate love anthem with its sweeping melodies and soulful lyrics. Mahira and Bilal are a vision in black, gracefully twirling around each other in a beautiful, chandelier-lit, studio. Their costumes are also completely on-point with Bilal’s black shalwar qameez perfectly complimenting Mahira’s flowy angrakha. The song was specially shot for promotions and consider us sold.

The next release by Superstar was Noori and it is, without a doubt, the most uninhibited we’ve seen Mahira, ever. She dances with an abandon that is infectious. The track itself is an item number that signifies our protagonist’s journey in the industry. The beat makes you want to get up and dance. Mahira’s fiery lehnga choli gives the video an extra kick of heat.

Superstar released another love song after Noori called Inn Dinon. Inn Dinon is soft, sweet and everything you’d expect from young, new love. Noor and Sameer seem smitten with each other as they walk around hand in hand. The video was shot outdoors and the mountains and bridge scenes really take you into a lovestruck fever. The melody is, above all, dreamy.

The recent release can only be described as a breakup song. Ghalat Fehmi foreshadows the inevitable misunderstanding that will become a thorn in Sameer and Noori’s relationship. In the sad song, emotions are on full frequency. Bilal plays the role of a dil toota ashiq to the nines and Mahira’s defeated manner… haye. She has a few steps in the song and they’re executed to perfection. This song will remind you of your first heartbreak and it is not for the faint-hearted.

Another new track called Dharak Bharak released just yesterday where Bilal Ashraf is flaunting his six-pack abs and is looking like a total hunk. Accompanying him is the gorgeous Kubra Khan who is totally a scene-stealer with her expressions and moves. The song will have you stamping your foot along with the lively beat.



Final Word

Each of the movies has some plus points. The teams have all worked super hard and it shows. Where Parey Hut Love has the grandiose factor of a true Eid release on its side, Heer Maan Ja has the comedy factor. As for Superstar, it is a visual treat packing an emotional punch with Mahira Khan looking like a dream. So, no matter what you watch, there will be something for everyone in the theaters.

For us, the promise of a beautifully executed story full of love, angst, drama, and heartbreak, backed up by good music and solid performances make the perfect Eid film, so our vote goes to Superstar.