Ek Aur Ek 3: Danyal Zafar’s Debut Single Is An Audio And Visual Winner.

Danyal Zafar debuted in the world of music with Coke Studio. He featured in the first episode of acclaimed music platform’s 10th edition with a duet number titled ‘Muntazir’ featuring Momina Mustehsan. He then became a lyricist with brother Ali Zafar for the latter’s  blockbuster film Teefa In Trouble. After working in pairs for his first couple of ventures in the music field, Danyal has finally released the first song from his solo debut album, Ek Aur Ek 3, which is touted to be his passion project. The song was launched on 3rd August, at Packages Mall in front of a live audience.

Danyal has surely created a cracker of a song. The vibe of the song is both very fresh and peppy. The guitar, the grooving R&B effect, the blending of qawwali through the dholak and tabla results in a winner fusion and is a testament of the young singer’s creativity with his music.

The Music Video

The music video for the song has been shot by the maestro Abdullah Haris. His signature camera work and dark color palette that gets a pop of color with a neon lit microphone and hotel signs give the video a very unique feel. The video gives the impression of being shot in one long-take, which makes the flow of the video very engaging.

The director has been successful in showcasing the chemistry between Danyal and the young, dimpled sensation Hania Amir. The two share a smouldering chemistry which lights up the screen every time they share gazes in the song, all of it captured brilliantly by the camera. Hania has shown a rather bold side to her in the song which really hits the mark. She also lent her vocals for a bit in the song that blends beautifully with Danyal’s voice and elevates the song further.

A special mention to the lighting and art direction used in the song. It’s refreshing and enhances the visual appeal of the video. It also does justice to the vibe of a group of young people partying. The choreography is in sync with one-shot camera work.

Final Word

Team Galaxy Lollywood has loved the song; no wonder it’s one of the fastest song to reach the 1 million mark on YouTube i.e. within 24 hours of its release. However, the song, or rather its music video, has gotten a mixed response from the general audience. A section of the viewers felt the song was a bit too raunchy for the Pakistani norms. The apparent seduction element shared between the leads of the music video has the audience divided about how to react to the song.

Either way, we see a potential superstar in Danyal Zafar, who has certainly captured the attention of the audience with this stellar solo debut. We would surely be keeping an eye out for his future projects and wish him all the best for all his endeavors.