What Do The Big Three Eid Films’ Promotions Say About Them?


The day of Eid ul Azha 2019 has been under discussions and dispute now for almost a year. At one point it had looked like this year’s badi Eid would end up being the day when as many as five Pakistani films would be released side-by-side. Many films were announced to be released on this day, decisions which were later taken back for one reason or another. But all of that is in the past as three films managed to stick to the day till the end. And the coveted day upon which the fate of these three films is hinged upon is now less than a week away.

While we still have some time before the fate of these films is disclosed, both in terms of critical and commercial success, now is a very good time to assess the promotional strategies that the teams behind these films have undertaken to spread the news about their arrival. Anyone active on social media must have seen the stars of the three films hopping from one location to another and it could all be a little overwhelming to keep track of.

Well, we at Galaxy Lollywood have kept a keen eye on all the promotional activities of the three films and have recognized how all three films’ promotional tactics mirror the USP of the films itself. Here’s how.

Superstar – The Power Couple

The biggest attraction Superstar has for the audience are the names that are headlining the project. Mahira Khan is undoubtedly the biggest superstar, for the lack of any other better word, of the country and her name being attached to any project creates excitement for the audience. Bilal Ashraf is one of the very rare actors of the country who has exclusively only worked on the big screen and has made a name for himself as such. With two beloved names of the big screen coming together for the first time, there isn’t any need to look for any other means of creating hype for the film.

Superstar is a romantic drama film and the trailers and songs of the film have hinted that this film heavily relies on the chemistry shared between the leads Mahira and Bilal. So, the promotional tactics of the film have been such that Mahira and Bilal are the sole faces and focus of the promotions. This duo has done mall meet and greets, overseas press conferences, alongside the mandatory social media appearances on various channels. Galaxy Lollywood also captured this duo’s comfort and chemistry with our signature ‘Name Three‘ game segment and got them to shake a leg on a song from the film and the response has been nothing but positive. Superstar is a romantic drama that the audience is thrilled to watch and the main reason is the power couple vibes that Bilal and Mahira have been exuding.

Parey Hut Love – The Dream Team

From the beginning, Parey Hut Love has sold itself on the premise of being a grand cinematic affair befitting the title of a badi Eid release. Not only the canvas of the film is large but it also boasts of a huge cast that comprises of fourteen characters. This huge cast that is comprised of veterans and debutantes both has been proudly owned and presented by the film’s team at every stop.

The mutual love and respect that the entire team of PHL, from the actors to the main powers behind the camera, can be seen in the rigorous promotional touring that they have done. It’s never been just one or two people going out and promoting the film but the team has made sure to go all out, both in numbers and enthusiasm, in promoting the film. From press junkets held both in Pakistan and overseas, mall meet and greets in major cities of Sindh and Punjab, to radio show appearances – the unique thing about PHL’s promotions is how at every spot, we could see different members of the cast present there. If the director Asim Raza was talking about his film in London and Dubai, then the voice behind the film’s hit song Behka Na, Ali Tariq, was crooning the song live on the airwaves via radio.

Of course, the film’s lead couple Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali, around whom the central romance of the film revolves, has been present at every stage. They have enamored the audience with their chemistry and established it already that the film’s main story is in safe hands. #SaniYar, the official hashtag for the two main characters of the film, is flooded by the couple’s fans on social media platforms. Of course, Galaxy Lollywood got a taste of that chemistry in real life. Watch out for this space to find out how these two bright stars opened up GL’s very own celebrity talk show – The Munshi Show.

Heer Maan Ja – The Masses Favorite

The team behind Heer Maan Ja has already established a loyal fan following with its previous two ventures. Janaan and Parchi were both two commercially successful films that really captured the pulse of the audience by giving them the kind of relatable as well as masala entertainment that the audience craves. And with Heer Maan Jaa, the team’s third venture, they have made sure to target not only their loyal audience but also to tap into the market that would benefit them.

Because the team behind this film all comprises of millennials and young blood, the film by default carries that youthful energy to it. And true to that, HMJ’s promotions have more specifically targeted the young demographic. They haven’t just stuck to the bigger cities for the promotions and rather started from the smaller cities to get the word out about their movie. As the film’s genre is a romantic comedy, it stands out from the other film releases which are mostly romance and drama centric. Capitalizing on the comedy genre of the film, the promotional tactics of the film have been fun and interactive.

Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem Farooq, who have previously shared screen in two dramas and a film, would be showcasing their romantic chemistry for the first time on the big screen. They are not an unknown pairing for the audience so their promotional behavior has been more comfortable and chilled out, which is true to their real-life dynamic. A proper glimpse of that would be seen in The Munshi Show so, you better get excited.

Final Word

All three films promise to offer a very different cinematic experience for the audience. And it is very good to see that throughout the films’ very active promotional touring, none of the films has gone out of their way to sell themselves as something they are not. Or at least that is what it has come across as. The final verdict will be out on Eid ul Azha of course when all three films would open to the audience.