Drama Serial ‘Khaas’ – What We Think The Future Holds!


Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry is without a doubt a powerhouse of success and talent. Our Television Industry is appreciated worldwide due to its engaging and epic storylines, and impactful acting. Amongst many such engaging TV serials is Daanish Nawaz’s directorial Khaas which is being acknowledged worldwide. 

The Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman Khan starrer takes you on a journey, as it navigates through the life of a young ambitious woman (Saba), and her dysfunctional relationship with her egocentric husband (Amaar). Khaas also manages to portray the plight of many young Pakistani women, who are emotionally abused by their husbands and are still afraid to leave them for their own good, because of family or societal pressure. 

It is a heart-rending story of Saba, who is unable to find a confidant to confide in and to share her struggles or sorrows with. Through the blur of heartache, she finds a kind soul and a friend in Faakhir (played by Haroon Shahid), who is also Amaar’s friend.

What the Future Holds for the Characters

Can a woman be friends with her husband’s friend? Would Saba be able to save her relationship with her husband? Or will she realize the cost of living with him? Now since all of us are so engaged in this television serial, below is our take on what destiny should hold for each of the main characters;


Saba should be able to find the happiness that she deserves, and we hope that she finds love again, and lives a successful professional, and personal life. Now we don’t mind if she finds that happiness with Faakhir, because he was the only one who stood with her through all her pain and struggles.


We hope that Amaar sees the error of his ways in the future and realizes that a partner so caring and loving is indeed, very hard to find. We want him to apprehend that he missed out on a great life with a kind-hearted woman, and also realize the cost of losing her.  


Faakhir should be able to find the courage to go after the woman he loves i.e. Saba and should confront her. He should know that good things never come easy, and he shouldn’t give up without putting up a fight. 


Nida should discern that bashing other women is never the way to succeed, and we hope that she takes off the blinders and realizes her mistake. She should definitely apologize to Saba for the pain that she caused her, and then maybe she can have her happy ending!

Final Word

So this is how we hope the show progresses, but many people might want the show to end differently. Have you been following Khaas? What do you think should happen next? Comment below for your take on these character’s futures!

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