Should Celebrities Keep Their Lives More Private On Social Media?

The way social media has deeply ingrained itself in our daily lives has conditioned us into believing that something didn’t happen if it wasn’t posted on social media. For some celebrities, there is nothing off-limits when it comes to sharing online. From relationships to feuds, everything is laid out bare on social media for the public to consume. As public figures, the public does feel entitled to know all about their favorite celebrities, and the celebrities know it. However, too much of this behavior ends up negatively impacting the celebrity as the public starts to become more interested in their personal and private lives instead of the work that they do.

Maybe this is why nowadays the real winners are those celebrities who know where to draw the line when it comes to sharing their private lives on social media.

Delightful surprises

Pictures of Sanam Baloch playing with a toddler are trending all over social media. Much to everyone’s surprise, the little girl Sanam is happily playing with is none other than Sanam’s daughter!

While the news of Sanam Baloch’s first marriage and then divorce is all in the public record, not many people are aware that Sanam Baloch had tied the knot again. The marriage ceremony was completely private as none of the pics from the event were ever posted on social media. In fact, the confirmation about Sanam’s motherhood did not come from anything she posted but when she commented under her relative’s post congratulating her on motherhood.

Dignified beginnings

Another celebrity that made a very dignified announcement about a new chapter in her life is Aamina Sheikh. Recently the talented actress made the announcement about her marriage via her Instagram through a series of photos. Aamina with her new husband, Omar Farooqui, along with Aamina’s daughter Meissa made an adorable family as they started the new chapter of their life.

Aamina Sheikh was married to Mohib Mirza and the two were considered one of the It couples of the Pakistani entertainment industry for a very long time. However, last year the two ended their marriage. Since the announcement, neither Aamina nor Mohib divulged any details about the reason behind their separation, choosing to end their relationship with the same grace and dignity with which they lived it.

A lesson to be learned?

The response to both these news has been very positive on social media with netizens pouring in love and best wishes for the actresses as they embark on a new journey in their lives. One can’t help but compare how different these netizen responses were to other news of celebrity breakups and marriage news.

Celebrities who tend to display all aspects of their private lives on their public social media end up getting comments and reactions that are in bad taste. Recent examples like memes that took over the internet after the Hania Amir-Asim Azhar breakup and the complete negative backlash that the Shahroze Sabzwari-Sadaf Kanwal marriage news got are still fresh in memory.

Well, celebrities have all the rights to share what they like on social media but relationships are a tricky thing. Our society is full of people that thrive on commenting on everyone and anyone’s business. It is not easy to share aspects of life and not receive any form of commentary on it. However, the celebrities that tend to not over-share about their private lives are generally safe from the netizens cruel comments. And maybe that’s something that should become the norm now as not only this helps in maintain the celebrity’s mysterious star-like aura, it also keeps their social media cleaner and generally a more positive place.


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