Mysterious Past And Intriguing Characters Make Mushk Stand Out


The expectations from Mushk are high as the drama not only has Urwa Hocane returning to TV screens in a lead role after four years but it also has Imran Ashraf in the dual role of a writer as well as the lead actor. Directed by Aehsun Talish, Mushk boasts of a big cast and its teasers have already piqued the curiosity of the audience about how they are all connected.

The emotional drama

The first episode starts with a train station where a train has arrived early. The characters played by Momal Sheikh and Urwa Hocane are seen getting off the train. Qavi Khan, who plays a coolie in the drama, talks about the process of waiting and arriving. From the very first scene itself, Mushk establishes a world that has many unraveled mysteries and it succeeds in getting the attention of the audience.

There is a real mysterious connection between the characters played by Momal Sheikh and Osama Tahir. It is told in the episode that Guddi, played by Urwa Hocane, is the mother of a baby. However, later it is revealed that the real mother of the child is Mehak (Momal Sheikh). A flashback shows Mehak and the character played by Osama in London as their love blossoms.

In the present, however, the father of the child is seen locked up in jail trying to break out of the cell. When did they get married and how did he end up in jail? These questions seem to be the real hook of the story and what will make the audience tune in for more.

A promise for more

Imran Ashraf plays the role of Adam who is in love with Mehak. Imran did not get a lot of screentime in the episode but that is understandable as the first episode was mostly dedicated to establishing the characters with the main story yet to begin.

The storytelling is high on emotions with heavy-hitting dialogues. Sohail Sameer’s character who is locked up in a cell has quite the character and is seen delivering dialogues that are bound to leave an impression on the audience.

There is a budding love story between the characters played by Raza Talish and Sehar Khan. The drama is not utterly devoid of its cliches as there is a jealous aunt with the standard set of typical dialogues. However, it is all balanced nicely by other more interestingly written characters with Guddi topping the list.

The first episode is all about setting the stage so we look forward to seeing more of Urwa and Imran Ashraf and the love triangle that was hinted at in the teasers. While Mushk does seem to have all the common clichés like love triangles and whatnot, the mystery and great dialogues are enough to make the audience tune in next week.


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