Teasers For ‘Mohabbatain Chahatain’ Show Glimpses Of A Happy Love And A Curious Partnership

HUM TV’s upcoming drama Mohabbatain Chahatain has been on people’s watch list for a number of reasons. For starters, it is going to have one of the small screen’s most loved couples, Hira Mani and Junaid Khan, in leading roles. After starring in four dramas together – Sun Yaara, Thays, Mohabbat Na Kariyo and currently airing Kashf – the actors have proved it time and time again that they share sizzling and bankable chemistry onscreen. Secondly, the drama is going to be the comeback drama for actress Armeena Khan. Last seen in HUM TV’s Daldal, the actress will be gracing the television screen after three years.

However, it is the way these stars have shared their excitement about Mohabbatain Chahatain being a drama that promises to be different from anything else they have done so far, which has the audience be anticipated about it. So far, the channel has released four teasers that showed a glimpse of what the audience can expect from the drama.

A happily in love couple

The first two teasers reveal the characters played by Hira and Junaid living as a married couple, leading a struggling but happy life. They appear to not be much well-off financially but they are shown to be madly in love as well, which might be the reason why they seem content with what they already have. They can be seen laughing together and teasing each other, running around the house. It is quite refreshing to see Hira and Junaid as such full of life characters. They haven’t had the easiest of love stories in their previous dramas. And chances are this one won’t be all that smooth sailing either. But for now, judging from the teasers, it’s a delight watching them so happy.

Twist in tale

If the first two teasers were all about the couple leading a cheerful life, the teasers that followed them don’t paint such a happy picture. It is possible that Armeena Khan might be playing a negative role here, as the other snippets gave an insight into the relationship between Junaid and Armeena. Though not expressed directly, the teasers showed Armeena entering into some sort of a business partnership with Junaid. And it might be that Armeena is the reason why Junaid and Hira’s happiness was short-termed. Armeena had also said in an interview that her character would be a surprise for the audience. So, the viewers can only assume that Armeena’s character isn’t going to be ordinary.

Exciting previews

As far as the teasers go, they have done a great job of not showing a lot of what the story is going to be about in the teasers. But they have enough substance to pique the curiosity of the viewers. There’s a sense of mystery around Armeena’s character that has already started intriguing the audience. Seeing two women and a man on the show’s title card would make the audience assume that the show is going to be yet another run-of-the-mill “love triangle” that has become a usual affair for Pakistani dramas. However, Junaid Khan had said that the drama is not going to be a love triangle. So, how will these characters be connected in this story? Well, we will have to watch the drama to find out all those answers.

Written by Samira Fazal, directed by Ali Hassan, and produced by MD Productions, Mohabbatain Chahatain is expected to go on air soon on Hum Tv.


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