Meera Proves To Be A ‘Real Life Heroine’ At A Press Conference

In the current era of booming social media, there are few stars who possess the same persona both on and off-screen. However, the one star that inarguably exhibits the same kind of dramatic flair both on and off screen has to be the Lollywood star Meera. The actor surely knows the art of staying in limelight and has perfected it over the course of years especially when there are fewer work opportunities at the dwindling Pakistani cinema front.

In what looked like the “real-life sequel” to Saqib Malik’s critically acclaimed Baaji, the leading lady of the same film went on to have a rather emotional and out of the blue press conference at the Lahore Press Club.

Clearing the air

In a rather hasty and emotional press conference held at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, veteran actor Meera decided to clear the air regarding some accusations made at her character through a source unmentioned.

The press conference proved to be a trip down memory lane for the fans of yesteryear Lollywood superstar in many ways. It offered a heavy dose of bizarre emotions and disjointed narratives, a feature of many Lollywood flicks, especially when nearing its inevitable apoptosis. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that much like those notorious flicks, Meera managed to steal the spotlight.

Talking to a group of rather noisy journos who would chuckle every now and then throughout the conference, Meera stated in an emotional manner, “My house is not a shelter home, it is my house, I live in it. I’m the superstar of Pakistan, I’m the heroine of Pakistan. In films and in real life, I live in the character of a heroine.” The actor left most of the participants clueless as to which particular incident she exactly referred to.

As Meera read through a scripted speech, there came a moment where she found it difficult to read and discern the word. The moment sparked a chuckle across the crowd however the actor turned into her favor by maintaining that the laughs would make to the headlines. The actor wasn’t wrong.

All the drama

Meera kept on jumping from one topic to another during the conference, much like the screenplays of 90s Lollywood. At one instant she said that she is “a good daughter, a good friend, a good sister, pure, virtuous, innocent, and an extremely good human being.”

The Inteha actor then claimed that she was “accused of fund-raising and using the money for personal use.” Exactly who made these accusations in the first place was not clarified by her. She continued that if the allegations against her were proven as true she would “hang herself publicly”. She made this claim twice and reiterated that she is a heroine — both on and off-screen, and her struggles across her film career and real-life has entrusted her considerable experience for her to claim the title of being a “real-life heroine.”

And much like a heroine, Meera made a hurried and frantic exit from the venue after she finished addressing the media, leaving behind her father and domestic help at the press club and rode off with her driver.


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