Nabila’s classist comment leads to an Instagram feud with Eman Suleman

Eman and Nabila Fight

Social media trolling is quite a norm these days, where “Insta followers” think it’s their birth right to leave nasty comments below anything posted by a public account where they can ridicule and misbehave; practicing their right of freedom of expression as they will. But what we do not understand is where my nose begins, your freedom ends.

It comes as no surprise to us, keeping in mind how noticeably vocal and unconventional the model/actress Eman Suleman is, that she too fell victim to such comments. However, we were indeed surprised to learn that it was none other than ace makeup artist Nabila herself.

Here’s what happened

Eman Suleman, known for her versatility, posted a picture on her Instagram donning a fabulous regale lehnga choli by one of Pakistan’s renowned fashion designers, complimented with perfect makeup, fitting jewellery and hairpiece giving a very “Miss Lollywood” vibe to her look. Nabila showed up guns blazing, bashing the hairstylist and makeup artist Fatima Nasir with classist comments for what she felt was a poorly executed hairdo, claiming it looked synthetic and took away from its regale styling.

“Great idea, executed badly”, Nabila criticised while adding, “specially the ‘ichra’ looking hairpiece. When the subject is so beautiful, it’s a sin to not up our game.”

Nabila's comment

Eman commented in Fatima’s defence and expressed how she felt it’s a job well done, something no “parlour” could’ve done – this being directed to Nabila having beauty salon aka “parlour” of her own.

Nabila continued by adding that she agrees but then went on explaining how Eman’s hair could be done better. We honestly feel she was trying to sound politically correct throughout but ended up sounding quite condescending. Keep reading.

Then jumped in Fatima herself, justifying her styling skills, and exclaimed how it’s easy to criticise someone’s work.

Eman and Nabila

Nabila came back saying, “I see you choose to react and defend. All the best”. Like, what? We all have the right to defend ourselves and our work and Fatima did so with utmost respect for her senior.

Fatima Nasir and Nabila

Many followers and friends jumped in to add their two scents to this feud; some criticising Eman and Fatima for being disrespectful to their senior, Nabila, others to show support for the unjustly bashed makeup artist and model. Fatima, however, highlighted Nabila’s classist comment and how it seemed like the makeup mogul used the word “ichra” in a derogatory way, using it as an insult to undermine Fatima and her work. She also added that people forget what you say but not how you make them feel, which is quite true. Nabila fired back with a dishonest apology and asking to end the conversation. Eman politely asked Nabila to stop being bitter.

How it ended

Nabila left the feud after her apology but that’s not where it ended. Eman and Fatima’s friends Farwa Kazmi and Rehmat Ajmal jumped in, calling Nabila out on her arrogance and condescending comments and showed disappointment towards Nabila while keeping in mind her senior status in the industry.

Farwa Kazmi and Rehman Ajmal

Eman Suleman has now deleted Nabila’s comment while adding one of her own where she tells her followers she has deleted Nabila’s comment because she does not want to entertain such negative comments.

It’s a shame to see such established names of the industry give such distasteful comments on new artists’ work. Nabila’s dislike towards the hairdo could’ve been expressed in a healthy and polite manner but instead she chose unpleasant tones and clearly used the word “ichra” in a demeaning way. But honestly, so many renowned designers actually get their kapra from Ichra and other such markets. Some of our best finds are from Ichhra and Anarkali bazzars.

Was Nabila threatened by Fatima’s success or was she just simply expressing how she didn’t like the execution but unfortunately chose the wrong words? What’s your verdict?  


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