Here’s why composers and writers deserve more credit for their work

Naveed Nashad

The Pakistani drama industry may have seen its ups and downs but one thing that has remained consistent is the melodious original soundtracks (OSTs). The audience is often seen discussing how the quality of the content they see on television has gone downhill over the past few years but they have unanimously enjoyed the OSTs. What the audience doesn’t know is that there is a composer behind their favorite soundtrack. For years, the composer, writer, and technical crew who work hard on a song are left in the background.

Naveed Nashad – the man behind your favorite OSTs

Most people know Naveed Nashad as the brilliant singer who sang the OST of HUM TV’s Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Tera Ghum Aur Hum among many more. But Naveed is not just a singer; he is a composer as well. He has composed several super hit OSTs like Ishq Tamasha, Mushk, Do Bol, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Yaariyan, etc. Talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Naveed said that a song belongs to a composer and a lyricist as much as it belongs to the singer. Usually, after a song has been declared super hit by listeners, singers remain in the limelight while there is no mention of who composed or wrote the song. That shouldn’t be the case. He also said that when people talk about a particular song on social media, they should also mention the name of the composer and the writer so they get credit for the song’s success as well.

Giving credit where it’s due

A few days ago, Ali Zafar released the OST of ARY’s on-going drama Pehli Si Mohabbat starring Shehreyar Munawar and Maya Ali in lead roles. As expected, the OST was appreciated by listeners and netizens could not stop admiring Ali Zafar’s phenomenal vocals. Ali then took to social media and expressed his gratitude for the love he was receiving for the song and added that Gohar Mumtaz, the composer of the song, Asad Shah, the writer of the song, and the technical crew working in the background deserve credit for the song’s success. He believes that they should be celebrated as much as the singers and the actors. This kind gesture was appreciated by his fans who said that Ali Zafar knows how to give credit where it’s due. 

Ali Zafar giving credit to composer of Pehli Si Mohabbat

It is high time that people start acknowledging that an OST of a drama is a result of a collaborative effort by a singer, composer, writer, and every person working in the technical department. They work day and night to entertain the audience and the least the audience can do is show their appreciation for everyone who has worked on a song. The practice of mentioning just the singer’s name without the back-bone of the song needs to change.  


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