ARY Digital – a packed primetime schedule full of entertainment

Television channels, much like any other corporation that is selling a certain product in the market, have their own individual identity. A channel’s success relies on how well it can create a unique identity for itself and further by how consistently it fulfills the promises to its audience that are attached to its unique identity. Having a uniquely defining identity makes it easier for the audience to connect to the channel and it helps the channel to keep track of its viewership which, naturally, helps them in expanding that viewership.

When it comes to the GECs (General Entertainment Channels) on Pakistani television, there are three major private channels that have the majority of the TV audience divided amongst them – Hum TV, Geo Entertainment, and ARY Digital. While all three channels have their own strengths, a quick look at the programming lineup of the three channels shows that there is one channel that is clearly ahead of its competition when it comes to delivering quality content as well as major star power. And that channel is ARY Digital.

Fahad Mustafa ARY

For starters, ARY Digital is home to some of the most beloved and well-known Pakistani programs of the past decade. Starting their day with ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, a daily morning show hosted by Nida Yasir which is packed with entertainment and energy for its viewers, the channel sets the pace for the rest of the day starting from 9 AM. On the non-fiction side, there is Jeeto Pakistan which is inarguably the biggest reality game show of the country which keeps on getting bigger and bigger with each episode. The show’s trademark games and its host Fahad Mustafa’s signature way of lines like, “Main kehta hoon soch lo!” and “Toh bolo haan k naa!” became a part of the common man’s daily life conversations, proving the impact of the show on its target audience. And who hasn’t watched at least an episode of Bulbulay or doesn’t know the show’s popular catchphrases?

Speaking of ARY Digital’s current programming lineup, it is evident how this channel has all of its major primetime slots filled with dramas and programs that have major stars of the industry as a part of them. If other channels divide their prime time slots into the category of dramas with the 8 PM slot where the biggest dramas air, ARY Digital doesn’t try to restrict its programming as such. Currently, ARY Digital’s 7 PM slot is occupied by Nand and DUNK at 8 PM, both dramas with some of the most well-known actors as part of them. ARY Digital’s 9 PM slot currently has a drama that stars Mikaal Zulfiqar in it. Last year, one of the majorly successful Pakistani dramas Dushman-e-Jaan aired on ARY Digital in its 9 PM slot.

Nand Drama ARY

Interestingly most, if not all, of the current A-lister actors of the country have worked with ARY Digital at some point in their career. If Yumna Zaidi had her start on ARY Digital, Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar are doing their comeback drama on ARY. Humayun Saeed has delivered back-to-back blockbusters for the channel, both as an actor and as a producer, and has long been associated with the channel. Fahad Mustafa’s home production Big Bang Entertainment continues to give the channel some of its biggest hits, while Fahad Mustafa himself successfully hosts the country’s biggest reality game show on the channel.

ARY Digital provides its audience with diverse content all throughout the week. Fridays and Sundays on ARY Digital are locked with Jeeto Pakistan but that doesn’t mean the channel doesn’t try to give its audience something new to look forward to over the weekend. Currently, Saturdays on ARY Digital mean ACL – Ary Celebrity League, a cricket competition between teams made of and captained by some of the favorite celebrities of the country. And now on Sundays, ARY Digital has started its own celebrity talk show as well called Ghabrana Mana Hai hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. 

ARY Digital proves itself to be a channel that is truly the home of the country’s superstars. With content that is synonymous with high quality, the audience now knows what to expect when they tune in to the channel. And that is entertainment, entertainment, and more entertainment. 


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