7 memorable scenes from Pakistani dramas

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “scenes” are the building blocks of Pakistani dramas. If they aren’t directed, written, or acted as well as intended, the audience fails to connect with the drama. Just like when an emotional scene manages to make the audience cry with it, that’s proof that the creators of that drama have done a commendable job. Pakistani dramas, thankfully, consist of a plethora of memorable scenes that have made the audience cry and laugh with them and we compiled 7 of the most memorable scenes from our dramas.

Kashaf, writing in her diary once Zaroon fell asleep – Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Kashaf’s diary played a critical role in telling the audience how she felt about what she was going through in her life. But this one scene where she wrote about how much she was going to ‘miss’ Zaroon is definitely one of the strongest scenes of the drama. Throughout the drama, Kashaf was shown as this head-strong woman who never showed her vulnerable side to anyone. But in this scene, she stated Zaroon’s qualities that made her fall in love with him but she would never tell him because, again, she didn’t want to show this vulnerable side of her to anyone. And certainly not her husband, Zaroon. 

When Kiran slapped Sikandar – Kankar


Whether against women or men, violence is always frowned upon when shown in our dramas. But when Kiran slapped Sikandar in the final episode of ‘Kankar’, somehow, it felt justified. ‘Kankar’ was about Kiran who got married to a rich but abusive person, Sikandar. After learning about his abusive nature, Kiran got a divorce and married her cousin while Sikandar also got married to his cousin. In the final episode, in an attempt to reconcile with Kiran, Sikandar told her that both of them should divorce their spouses and then get married to each other again. After hearing this, Kiran slapped Sikandar. That certainly came as a shock to Sikandar because for the first time in his life, instead of inflicting pain on others, he was on the receiving end.  

The confrontation between Maliha and Zara – Daam

‘Daam’ is probably one of the most realistic dramas of all time. It had a very simple premise but the way it was presented was extraordinary. It was about two best friends Maliha and Zara and how a misunderstanding created a massive rift between the two friends. Zara, and Maliha’s brother Junaid, fall in love with each other. Assuming Zara was just using her to move closer to Junaid, Maliha started harboring negative feelings towards Zara. Towards the end of the drama, Maliha realised the truth and asked Zara for an apology. Zara, however, did not accept her apology and told Maliha that she paid a huge price for Maliha’s friendship. 

Aiman breaking down in front of her mother – Maat

‘Maat’ was the drama that started the now-hated storyline of sister rivalry. But the reason why it worked so well was because there was nothing unbelievable about the drama. It was about two sisters Saman and Aiman. Saman was the greedy sister who always wanted more and better things in life while Aiman was the soft-natured sister. Aiman was set to get married to her cousin Faisal but after seeing how rich he was, Saman successfully manipulated him into marrying her. After Saman got married to Faisal, Aiman broke down in front of her mother telling her that she was hurt by Saman’s decision. But being the good sister, she had already forgiven Saman. 

When the audience learned about Ibad’s death- Mata e Jaan Hai Tu

Mata e Jaan

A lot of characters in Pakistani dramas have died but Ibad’s death scene in ‘Mata e Jaan’ was so powerful that people still get teary-eyed just by thinking about that scene. The drama revolved around two Pakistanis, Ibad and Haniya, studying in the US. After falling in love with each other, they decide to get married, despite Ibad’s father opposing the decision. In the middle of its run, the audience noted that something was afoot when the drama started focusing only on Haniya, with no Ibad in the picture. Haniya left for Pakistan and started living with Ibad’s parents, who were unaware that Haniya was their daughter-in-law. In an emotional scene, Haniya went to Ibad’s room and started crying after looking at his pictures. It was then revealed in a flashback that Ibad had died in a car accident.

The drive home – Yakeen Ka Safar

Yakeen Ka Safar

Although most of our dramas are love stories, very few of them make the audience go all mushy. ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ was one of those dramas that managed to evoke the right emotions in the audience. The drama revolved around two characters Asfandyar and Zubiya whose paths intersected after tragedy hit both of them. But unlike other dramas, they didn’t fall in love at the first sight. Both of them start working at the same hospital and eventually fell in love with each other. In one scene where Asfandyar was dropping Zubiya at her hostel, Asfandyar said that he wished the journey never ended. This was a short yet impactful scene that showed how beautiful it is to be in love with another person.

The bangles scene- Aakhri Station

Aakhri Station

‘Aakhri Station’ was not the first drama that delved deeper into the issues faced by women in our society but was one of the very few ones that showed women shouldn’t have to settle for less than what they deserve. The drama was about seven women who cross paths on a train on a journey to seek a better future for themselves. They bond during the journey, telling each other stories of the injustice they had to face at the hands of their husbands, in-laws, and ultimately, society. On the train, they buy bangles from a seller. Once all of them reach their destination, the scene focuses on their bangles. But at that time, the bangles weren’t just some pieces of jewelry; they were the symbol of freedom from the dreadful past that they had left behind.     


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