5 actresses who are best known for these roles

It is no secret that sometimes our drama scripts get repetitive. The same stories about familial struggles, abuse, and unrequited love are shown time and time again.

Similarly, some actors have carved out a niche of performance that has them playing similar characters in every other story. This results in most of their projects having the same kind of acting and an energy that we start associating with them. Here are 5 actresses who play a certain kind of character so well that they keep getting cast in similar molds repeatedly.

The feisty girl – Iqra Aziz

In the past few projects Iqra was part of, we have seen her play the feisty, energetic, slightly “mun-phatt” girl who wants a lot from life and as is common in our dramas, rarely gets it. After playing Jiya in ‘Suno Chanda’, Noori in ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’, Nirma in ‘Jhooti’ to the most recent Mahi in ‘Khuda aur Mohabbat 3’, Iqra could probably play this role with her eyes closed by now. While we love the authenticity she brings to the screen while playing such characters, we would love to see her experimenting with different roles and acting patterns.

The bubbly and vibrant girl – Hania Aamir

Another actress who could play the bubbly, charming, lovable beauty at the drop of a hat is Hania Aamir. Daneen in ‘Anaa’, Roomi in ‘Ishqiya’, Sanam in ‘Dilruba’, and Palwasha in ‘Janaan’; from dramas to movies, Hania has gathered quite some experience in playing this role. Now, we’d love to see her play something a bit more intense, or maybe something with more shades of grey.

The intense girl- Sana Javed

Speaking of intense, Sana Javed is an actress who loves to pick dark, gritty projects. One character we’ve seen her play multiple times is the harassment victim. Her Sanam in ‘Khaani’, Afreen in ‘Dar Khuda Se’ and Dr. Sameera in ‘Ruswai’ are all characters who’ve been harassed in some way by the anti-heroes in their dramas. Her recent foray into Amal in ‘Dunk’ was a breath of fresh air as she took on a completely different kind of role in a bid to show the other side of the story.

The miserable girl – Saheefa Jabbar

Saheefa is good at crying. Or at least, that’s what our drama creators believe. From Aiman in ‘Bhool’, Meerab in ‘Log Kya Kahengay’ to Maryam in ‘Beti’, Saheefa has a tear streaked portfolio. While she’s amazing at seeming miserable on screen, just once, we’d like to see her shine as her glamorous, exuberant self in a project.

The mazloom girl – Alizeh Shah

Oh, the woes of an innocent face. Alizeh played Mairah in ‘Mera Dil, Mera Dushman’, Mashal in ‘Jo Tu Chahay’, Gul Naz in ‘Hoor Pari’ and Palwasha in ‘Ishq Tamasha’ and there’s one thing they all had in common, a case of terrible luck. All of these girls were the epitome of bebasilachaari and mazloomiyat. We’d love to see Alizeh branch out and do something a bit more tenacious in her upcoming projects.

These actresses have mastered the kind of roles they play and while no one could do it better, we’d love to see them explore different facets of their talents. 


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