Women’s Day Special: The iron ladies of Pakistani dramas

Pakistani dramas have given us some truly iconic female characters over the past few years. From timid and helpless girls to them finding strength and break out of their cocoon, the evolution of these characters has given us a lot to learn from with their perseverance. This Women’s Day, let’s revisit some of our favourite iron ladies from our dramas. 

Kashaf from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

Kashaf Murtaza did not have an easy life. She was failed, time and again, by people and circumstances, and that molded her into a bitter individual. Yet, through hard work and perseverance, she made something out of herself. She achieved her goals and with time, opened her heart to those around her. Every bit of happiness she got was hard-earned and her beautiful dialogues live on in our hearts even today. 

Anmol from ‘Dil Lagi’

Anmol had the heart of a lion. She had a fiery disposition and she never backed down from what she believed to be right. She faced situations in her life that would have broken down everything in their path, but not Anmol. She battled it all head-on and came out on top. 

Sajida from ‘Udaari’

Sajida was a simple woman with simple joys and expectations from life. Unfortunately, she crossed paths with an abuser. The way she protected her daughter from her harasser was truly a feat in itself and afterwards, when she moved to the city and began working, earning and living life on her own terms, she showed us that she was a woman who went through hell and was still standing strong at the end of it. 

Fouzia from ‘Baaghi’

Fouzia Batool was a lively young girl who got a hard lot in life. She left her abusive husband in the village she belonged to and came to the city to make a name for herself. While some might call her means to fame immoral, one is forced to reflect upon the circumstances that drove her to them. In the end, Fouzia just wanted to support her family and find peace but unfortunately, she was killed in the name of honour. And there’s no greater dishonour than that.

Hajra from ‘Inkaar’

Hajra was an embodiment of “NO MEANS NO”. She took a stand for herself and was fearless in telling her harasser exactly what she thought of his antics. Her resilience through the entire ordeal, especially her trial, shows us the wells of strength that girl had. 

Bano from ‘Dastaan’

Bano’s story is one of extreme hardships and patriotism. She lost everything while the Indo-Pak partition was happening in 1947. Her entire family was killed, she was separated from her fiance, and was abused mentally and physically until she was almost mad. Yet, she kept going. She showed incredible strength of character and we truly believe that Pakistan was made because of the determination of countless Banos. 

Dua from ‘Ehd-E-Wafa’

Dua was the definition of a modern day woman. A working woman who balanced her home and work life impeccably. The way she supported her mother after her father’s passing was commendable. Later, after marrying Saad, she stood by him and her fierce support gave him room to grow into his career while she did the same in her own field. 

Falak from ‘Shehr-E-Zaat’

Falak’s journey was a spiritual one and she showed us that sometimes, the demons you have to battle are on the inside. Her growth and character development was a journey worth watching. She taught us how one can blossom into a completely different version of themselves while remaining in the same old place as before, all through introspection. 

Khaani from ‘Khaani’

Sanam Khan was a pillar of strength. Mir Hadi murdered her twin brother and then fell in love with her and she did not forgive him for all he had done. He had a world of resources on his side but Khaani did not falter away. She was the glue that held her family together and after countless trials and tribulations, she got Mir Hadi the punishment he deserved. 

Maryam from ‘Beti’

Maryam played such an important role in battling gender politics. She showed the world that being the mother of a daughter was not something to lament, it was something to be proud of and celebrate. She endured so much, yet she never backed down from her stance and continued to be the strength every daughter wants from her mother. 

Noori from ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’

Noori was a poor girl with big dreams. She ended up in testing circumstances when she married Bhola. Her resolve and strength of character while dealing with his condition was absolutely beautiful. She gave Bhola his life back by uncovering a sinister plot and getting him correct medical aid. Noori was Bhola’s saviour and if that’s not a testament to her loyalty, then we don’t know what is. 

Chammi from ‘Aangan’

Chammi was a bubbly, energetic and vibrant character. She was also extremely passionate and never backed down from doing the right thing. She was one of those characters who were on the forefront fighting for all that is good in the world. Her happy ending was so well deserved after everything she went through. 

Samia from ‘Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat’

Samia from ‘Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat’ lived a life that put her through a lot of hard and testing situations. She opened her heart and had it broken too many times. She taught us to give chances to people and also when to stop. We were overjoyed when she picked her own self over others and chose to be happy in solitude rather than being unhappy and that too at someone else’s mercy. 

Anaya from ‘Sabaat’

Anaya was a force to be reckoned with. She was smart, compassionate and brave. She knew her rights and she made sure to exercise them. She did not take flak from anybody and when Hassan mistreated her, she gave him a clean break. She took care of her mother after her father’s death and she did not give any explanations where she didn’t feel compelled to. Anaya knew that the truth would come out in its own time and until it did, she held down the fort by herself exceptionally well. 

There are so many more powerful female characters we can name but in all these women, the strength of character, resilience, and perseverance is the uniting factor. They were all warriors with an iron will and we can learn so much from their lives. 


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