Did you know Affan Waheed turned down a Hollywood film alongside Nicole Kidman?

Kasa-e-Dil famed Affan Waheed is a television heartthrob, one of the most talented actors of Pakistan television industry. Without having any family connections in the industry, this gem of an actor has successfully worked for 11 years in many drama serials, where his amazing on-screen chemistry with Hira Mani in Do Bol has been a highlight for many. This NCA graduate also loves to paint and happens to be very passionate about singing. Basically, Affan Waheed checks all the boxes of talent and good looks in one, presenting an ideal hero people love to see on their television screen. And if that wasn’t enough, Affan will very soon be appearing on the big screen with a full fledged masala film, Mastani.

In a recent interview, with Something Haute, Affan Waheed talked about Mastani and a lot more. Here’s what he said:

The Revelations

Affan Waheed opened up about many interesting facts that his fans had no idea about, the highlight being Affan having received offers from Hollywood and Bollywood as well. Affan Waheed confessed how he had received an offer on Facebook by Rajkumar Hirani but he had gotten to know about it after 2-3 years .

The highlight of the interview was Affan Waheed’s confession about refusing an offer of a Hollywood flick — owing to his commitments for MASTANI. The actor mentioned that the character of the proposed movie was pro sports, a basketball and football player and he couldn’t manage to train for this role. The Khamoshi actor shared that a number of his friends and family were disappointed by his decision as this role would have starred Affan against Nicole Kidman.

Some More Confessions

Affan expressed his religious views in the same interview and also talked about why he had never opted for a transformation. Affan was of the opinion that his fans preferred him in his usual getup. He further stated that his clean shaven look during the negative role in drama Mein Na Janoo was not very liked by his fans and so he preferred to stay in his usual get up for all his character.

Affan also share details about his latest project to be aired soon where he will be playing the role of struggling musician and having an affair with Hira Mani who will be seen in the role of lawyer. We wish Affan all the best for his upcoming projects.


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