Musician Farhad Humayun Passes Away, Celebs Share Heartfelt Condolences

In a rather tragic turn of events, Farhad Humayun, the founder and drummer of the iconic Pakistani band Overload, passed away today, on Tuesday 8th June 2021 at the age of 42.

Farhad had been an icon with a musical career spanning over two decades. On the work front Farhad Humayun had been running Riot Studio, a recording studio and live gig venue in Lahore.

The news was announced by Farhad’s official Facebook page.

Although the post did not state Humayun’s cause of death, it is a well known fact that the Overload musician had suffered from a brain tumor that had persisted ever after multiple surgeries.

Following the unexpected and rather sad turn of events, Pakistani celebrities have been sharing heartfelt tributes for Farhad and reminiscing what a pure soul he had been.

Singer Umair Jaswal shared a heartfelt message for his departed friend,

Singer, musician Ali Zafar shared a beautiful tribute for his friend Farhad,

Singer and actor Junaid Khan also shared heartfelt message for the departed soul.

Actor Aijaz Aslam also shared hus condolences over a tweet praying for Farhad Humayun

Actor Adnan Siddiqui shared how shook he was with the terrible news

Singer and friend Atif Aslam also expressed his grief in a tweet, expressing how Farhad’s legacy would continue to live on.

Actress Hania Aamir too sent peace and strength to Farhad Humayun’s family.

Ahmad Ali Butt reminisced about the times spent with Farhad.

Musician Sahir Ali Bagga too expressed his sorrow over Farhad Humayun’s sudden death.

Singer Meesha Shafi too shares hee sentiments over her friend’s sudden departure.

Farhad Humayun was laid to rest in Lahore and is survived by a mother and two sisters.


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