Dhoop Ki Deewar Trailer Review: Heart-wrenching and Thought Provoking

As much as we’ve waited for the Sajal Ahad and Ahad Raza Mir starrer web series to be out, the trailer has proven that it was worth every minute the fans spent waiting for it. The trailer is out now and like promised it is gut wrenching and very thought provoking, something that will definitely pull at your heart strings and make you teary eyed.

The trailer, features Sajal as Sara, a Pakistani and Ahad Raza Mir as Vishal, an Indian. The two together portray a story of two families that have been similarly affected by the strife between the two countries, aptly put, divided by hate, united by grief.

The trailer shows Sara and Vishal aggressively campaigning for their fathers who lost their lives on the borders. Both Sara and Vishal are shown to believe that their fathers fought for their countries and were martyred only to realize in due course that they have been nurturing hostility and enimty for people who have been suffering alike.

As expected Sajal and Ahad Raza Mir come off as absolutely brilliant in all scenes. Powerful performances from the cast hold the audience spell bound. We have always admired Haseeb Hassan’s expertise as a director and with Dhoop Ki Deewar he has only consolidated the fact further.

Dhoop Ki Deewar, directed by Haseeb Hassan, written by Umera Ahmed will premiere on Zee5 on 25th of June. Here’s wishing that this series turns out to be as brilliant as its trailer.

Fingers crossed!


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