Did You Know Sajal Aly And Yumna Zaidi Have Worked Together Before?

Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi

Hum TV’s upcoming drama, ‘Ishq E Laa’ has been the talk of the town lately. Even though the deets of the drama are still being kept under wraps, the fact that Ishq E Laa will star Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi together is enough to make drama fanatics eager to watch this one.

Without a doubt, both Sajal and Yumna are powerhouse performers. It won’t be incorrect to say that both of them can be counted amongst the best actresses Pakistan has to offer. Expressions, dialogues, getting into the skin of their characters, Sajal and Yumna both know how to deliver praiseworthy performances one after another.

As much as we’re excited to watch these two actresses together onscreen in ‘Ishq E Laa’, do you know that Sajal and Yumna have already worked together before? Yes, they have previously worked together in PTV’s ‘Kis Se Kahoon – The Untold Story’ back in 2014.

Sajal and Yumna’s past project

‘Kis Se Kahoon – The Untold Story’ starred Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi and Aagha Ali in the leading roles, while veterans Samina Ahmed and Seemi Raheal played pivotal roles in the story. The drama was directed by Kashif Nisar and was based on a story by Shahid Nadeem.

It had an amazing plot revolving around the youth, their academics, discussing issues such as beating up students at government schools, bullying, better parenting and how relationships amongst parents affect their children all in one. Although the drama tackled major themes, Shahid Nadeem, as the writer, had done his homework perfectly and brought about a script that delivered its purpose without seemingly becoming a khichiri.

A fast-paced storyline, ‘Kis Se Kahoon’ garnered amazing reviews when it aired with special praises for Sajal Aly as Hadiqa and Yumna Zaidi as Salma, the two stellar actresses who stole the show.

The drama turned out to be a directorial masterpiece that was highly appreciated by the masses. From the direction to the production, the camera work and the editing, each and everything in the drama was spot on and Sajal and Yumna’s performance praiseworthy.

About ‘Ishq E Laa’

Now the two performers, each a master of her trade, will be sharing screens after 7 years in ‘Ishq E Laa’. The drama has been directed by Amin Iqbal and is penned by the famous writer, Qaisera Hayat, known for her soul-shattering stories. Alongside Sajal and Yumna, Ishq E Laa will also star Simi Raheel, Uzma Hassan, and Sohail Sameer in pivotal roles. It will also mark singer and film producer Azaan Sami Khan’s debut.

While Sajal and Yumna both have delivered stellar performances individually in ‘Kis Se Kahoon‘, already raising the bar for their audiences. We’re more than eager to watch the actresses spread their magic on-screen with ‘Ishq E Laa’. Here’s wishing Sajal Al and Yumna Zaidi, all the best for Ishq E Laa, and hoping it turns out to be a masterpiece as ‘Kis Se Kahoon‘ was.


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