10 OSTs That Have Impressed Us In The First Half Of 2021

2021 Dramas

The drama industry of Pakistan is well known globally due to its meaningful content. Not only does it entertain and educate but also produces catchy original soundtracks (OSTs) that at times draw the viewer’s attention to watch a particular drama. The OST stays with us even after the drama concludes. We at Galaxy Lollywood have picked 10 OSTs of the first half of 2021 (sorted by release date).

Pehli Si Muhabbat

Ali Zafar has given his powerful vocals for this one. After a long time, we got to hear a captivating track that expressed a zillion emotions. Composed by Goher Mumtaz and written by Asad Shah, the OST will compel you to listen on repeat.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3

The highly anticipated franchise has a soulful OST as well. Composer Naveed Nashad is dependable as always. The lyrics by Qamar Nashad are meaningful but it’s Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice that makes you swoon.


‘Fitoor’ has been dominating the TRP calculators due to its strong performance. Just like the drama, the OST by Shani Arshad has such a serene feel to it that one can’t help playing it on a loop. The slow-paced song has Shani Arshad’s and Aima Baig’s voices and encompasses the ingredients of a slow-moving, romantic track very well. Lyricist Sabir Zafar’s lyrics never disappoint. 


Asim Azhar and Nehal Naseem’s voice is just perfect, while lyrics by Qasim Azhar and Hassan Ali go truly with contemporary times. The power-packed composition by Qasim Azhar and Hassan Ali blends in well with the play’s shaadi mood. Hearing it once, one would surely carry this energetic number along for wedding festivities.

Tanaa Banaa

This Naveed Nashad score fulfils our expectations. Touching the pinnacle of sensitive melody, ‘Tanaa Banaa’ is a soft romantic song, where the vocals by Amanat Ali depict the perfect synthesis of subtle melody. The lyrics by Imam Raza & Hassaan Imam are startlingly brilliant.

Chupke Chupke

Ali Zafar makes it to the list again with this easy-breezy yet melodious number. The lyrics, by Naveed Nashad and Ali Zafar, define the unconstrained attitude of the protagonist. Nirmal Roy, as the female vocalist, has sung it wonderfully. This new-age romantic track composed by Naveed Nashad garnered millions of views within a short span due to its peppy, light and upbeat tempo.


The power-packed OST is sung by Asrar, who delivers a meaningful hit. The track starts slow and stays like that for a while until it picks up pace. The lines by Hashim Nadeem Khan draw attention. The track syncs well with the narrative and showcases the pain and plight of the protagonist Parizaad.


This composition by Farhan Zaheer gave us ample reasons to get hooked to the track. It slowly grows on you with its simplicity and softness. Great lyrics by Warda Lodhi, vibrant tune, and strong vocals by Kiran Waseem and Tehseen W. Chishty makes this worth listening to.


Amanat Ali surprises yet again with his engaging vocals. The OST is a beautiful combination of different strings. Also, the lyrics blend with the composition quite effortlessly.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

Next up is ‘Tere Bin’, rendered by the melodious Yashal Shahid. The heart-touching number is soothing to the ears. Composer Azaan Sami Khan hits it out of the park with his first OST for a drama. Yashal’s strong vocals blend seamlessly with Sabir Zafar’s dumdaar lyrics. For the unversed, ‘Tere Bin’ has been in the top trending with 1.8M views on YouTube.

So which OST from this list is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


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