Bubbly’s Character Was Not In The Novel, She Was Created For The Show: Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly in Parizaad

Saboor Aly is one of those performers who earned traction by virtue of persistent hard work and prodigious acting skills. The talented actor started her career in 2011 with the role of Rimsha in ‘Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain’. Since then, she has appeared in countless drama serials. Saboor Aly often tugs at viewer’s heartstrings with spectacular and poignant performances in each character by dint of her mesmerizing on-screen persona.

Saboor As Bubbly

The young actress is currently ruling the audience’s heart as Bubbly in the popular drama serial ‘Parizaad’. The play is a Hum TV project which is written by Hashim Nadeem, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced by MD productions. The cast of this show includes Ahmed Ali Akbar, Nauman Ijaz, Yumna Zaidi, Saboor Aly, Urwa Hocane, Adnan Tipu Shah, Leyla Zuberi, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Ushna Shah, Mashal Khan, Kiran Tabeer, Madiha Rizvi, and many more.

About Her Character

Saboor’s character as Bubbly is very different from her previous work. The majority of her noteworthy work is in negative lead. Such as Gul in ‘Gul-o-Gulzar’, Ujjala in ‘Mein Ishq Mein Kafir’ and Fariha in ‘Fitrat’.                                                                                                

Episode 4 of ‘Parizaad’ introduces the character of Bubbly. She is a young and rebellious tom-boyish girl, who is famous by the name of Bubbly Badmash. She is the only child of her parents, who wanted a son but on the birth of a daughter, they raised her like a boy. 

Young Bubbly does not possess even a single attribute of femininity. Her parents are worried about her future. They want her to get married like every other girl. However, Bubbly is unable to fathom the reality. Her character is stranded in the rigid dichotomy between her inner self and society.  

Parizaad is friends with Bubbly’s tenant, Nasaaz. In order to get rid of a marriage proposal, Bubbly becomes friends with Parizaad. On the other hand, Nasaaz suggests Parizaad to marry Bubbly in order to get some money as Parizaad is in dire need of money to help his sister. At last, the chasm between her inner self and the reality of life compelled her to leave the home in order to escape the marriage with Parizaad.  

Saboor has beautifully projected the role of a young defiant tom-boy girl who is not ready to bow before the ethos of society. Her character is widely receiving critical plaudits. Netizens, as well as drama critics, are praising the young actress for her spontaneous acting, body language and even for her attire.

Her Experience

Saboor Aly spoke to Galaxy Lollywood about her experience in performing the character of Bubbly. When asked about her initial thoughts about Bubbly’s character, she revealed: “I found this character very unique and different from all of my previous characters, also this character is very disparate from all the present-time onscreen characters”.

Saboor Aly disclosed that she always wanted to work with Ahmed Ali Akbar. She stated: “I consider him one of the finest actors in the industry”. She further added that “the fascinating combination of an ensemble cast, a writer like Hashim Nadeem, acclaimed director Shehzad Kashmiri and Hum TV platform compelled me to opt for this role.”

While unveiling an interesting fact, Saboor Aly stated “Bubbly’s character is specially created for this drama serial as the novel, on which this drama is based, does not entail this character.”

The actor further revealed that she substantially resonates with Bubbly’s character. She said: “I believe there is a badmash in me and I’m as blunt as Bubbly”. ‘Parizaad’ actress shared that “when people are irrational on roads, I often glare at those people”. The young actor narrated an interesting and chuckle-some incident of her badmashi, she divulged “one of my friends, while leaving for America, took me to the corner of the airport and pleaded me not to showcase badmashi on roads while driving”, “So I’m like this”, she laughed.  

Talking about the challenges and difficulties pertaining to the on-screen projection of this character, Saboor said: “the projection of this character was challenging. I feared that I might overdo this character. I always believe that underdoing a character is better than overacting”. 

She further explained: “even in the execution of the negative roles, I remain very thoughtful of the fine line between acting and overacting”. She continued “Likewise, Bubbly’s character entailed a very thin line between overacting and the appropriate required acting”.  

Saboor unveiled that “I had to face the camera without makeup for the very first time in my entire career therefore I found it a little challenging and difficult to be comfortable within my skin in front of the camera”.

Overwhelming Response

The actress herself is extremely elated by the positive response her character is receiving. While talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Saboor shared: “I’m extremely overwhelmed and glad”. 

She added: “I was extremely scared of viewers’ response towards this unconventional character and my performance. However, after the positive response by the audience, I’m extremely happy”. 

She further said: “In the presence of various acclaimed actors it is very difficult to stand out. Wherefore, I’m delighted on receiving all the appreciation”. Saboor Aly hopes that more characters like Bubbly be created, “audience must accept such on-screen characters more”, she added.

A change in roles

The versatility of actors is severely dependent upon the variety of scripts they are being offered. Dejectedly, typecasting is prevalent in our entertainment industry. When an individual actor becomes strongly known of a specific character, that actor tends to be typecast for such kinds of roles. It definitely limits the spectrum of performance for actors. 

It can be hoped that we may witness more unconventional characters like Bubbly and actors be given the opportunity to showcase their acting versatility in diverse genres.  


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