Teasers Of ‘Amanat’ On ARY Digital Promise A Tried & Tested Story But With A Different Treatment


ARY Digital just dropped teasers of its latest upcoming drama, ‘Amanat’ and seems to have grabbed our attention. Although the three teasers shared show a tried and tested story with one hero and two heroines in a love triangle and another character being in love with one of the aforementioned women who does not reciprocate, the treatment as visible in the teasers seems different.

The First Teaser

The very first teaser shows Urwa Hocane getting all decked up as a bride while Saboor Aly on the other hand is seen taking off her bridal jewellery. It seems that the ornaments that Saboor takes off, Urwa puts them on as a bride. Enters the gorgeous looking Imran Abbas who holds Urwa’s hands and yet has his eyes fixed on Saboor, who looks at him imploringly. Now that’s something to find out why.

The Second Teaser

The second teaser shows Imran Abbas promising Urwa Hocane to take care of her as something entrusted to his care for all his life, while Saboor Aly openly declares war as she accuses Imran of deceiving her in love. She holds Haroon Shahid’s hand, who looks equally fierce and eager to take up Saboor’s side.

Teaser No. 3

The third teaser shows Imran Abbas and Urwa Hocane warming up to each other with an absolutely wonderful OST playing at the back. Not only the visuals but the setting of the scene alongside Urwa Hocane and Imran Abbas’s performance seems aesthetically beautiful.


‘Amanat’ has been directed by Shahid Shafat of ‘Dil Mom ka Diya’ fame and penned by Rukhsana Nigar. The drama has been produced under Six Sigma and Next Level Entertainment and is slated to air on ARY Digital soon. From what we have seen in the teasers of far, this seems to be a story that we have already seen but with a different sort of treatment. With a stellar cast, it’ll be interesting to see Imran, Urwa, Saboor and Haroon working together.


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