“A Strong Woman Is Rarely Seen On Television These Days”: Amar Khan On Her Character In ‘Baddua’

Amar Khan

She made quite a debut with ‘Ghughi’ where she played the lead opposite the veteran Adnan Siddiqui and impressed everyone with her acting skills. She then wowed her audience playing the very possessed dayan in ‘Belapur Ki Dayan’ and then came as a breath of fresh air with her antagonist skills playing Alizeh in ‘Dil e Ghumshuda’. We’re talking about none other than the gorgeous Amar Khan, who has become the talk of the town with her acting expertise, which she has showcased in such a short amount of time.

Over the last one and a half years, while Amar Khan has been away from the small screen, she has been working on her upcoming debut film ‘Dum Mustam’ alongside the very talented Imran Ashraf. But because the pandemic put the release of the film on hold, we’ll soon be seeing Amar Khan in ARY Digital’s upcoming drama ‘Baddua’ with Muneeb Butt and Mohsin Abbas Haider in the lead.

The teasers of ‘Baddua’ have already been released on ARY Digital and from the looks of it, this one will be a rather interesting watch, presenting Amar in a never seen before avatar. In the teasers the channel has revealed so far, Amar as Abeer is fearless, strong, mischievous and determined to spend her life on her own terms. Muneeb Butt looks very much like the Casanova.

Amar Khan Spills the Deets On ‘Baddua

‘Baddua’ has been directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and is an iDream Entertainment Production for ARY Digital.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood exclusively, Amar shared that the character traits for Abeer were the main reason she opted for the drama. “The traits that Abeer has, she’s strong and has a voice of her own, are a few things that incited me about this character. A strong girl is a rare phenomenon that you see on screen these days. She’s a girl who prioritizes her dreams, she’s spunky, she’s a fanatic, she’s flirtatious. Basically, Abeer is one character with so many shades. Something entirely different from what I did in ‘Qayamat’, so I went for it,” said Amar.

Talking about how it was working with Muneeb Butt and Mohsin Abbas Haider both, Amar added, “Mohsin Abbas Haider is known for his versatility and his passion for acting and I believe he’s done a terrific job on sets. It was amazing working with him.”

“Muneeb is returning back as a casanova after a very long time. His character too is very strong-headed but both of us are playing contrasting characters, so it was a rewarding experience shooting for it,” said Amar adding how she was excited and satisfied about her first collaboration with ARY Digital and iDreams Entertainment which had become a big brand in itself.

‘Baddua’ is starting from the 20th of September at 8 pm on ARY Digital. The drama will be replacing the much loved ‘Pardes’ which means it already has a big bar set against to meet and entertain the audiences.


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