Review: ‘Baddua’ Starts Off With Powerful Storyline And Gripping Execution


The much-anticipated drama, ‘Baddua‘ aired last night on ARY Digital. After justifying the role of the suppressed Samra in ‘Qayamat’, the supremely talented Amar Khan returns to our TV screens as the strong-headed and stubborn Abeer, opposite the talented actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and the nation’s heartthrob Muneeb Butt. 


Baddua’ revolves around Abeer, played by Amar Khan, a young, self-willed and obstinate girl, who belongs to a typical middle-class family. Mohsin, played by Mohsin Abbas Haider, is a kind and loveable boy, who is head over heels for Abeer and also struggling with his professional life to achieve his goals. But Abeer, being an egocentric individual, doesn’t value his true emotions and continues to lead him on. Abeer gets infatuated with her friend’s fiancé, Junaid, played by Muneeb Butt and keeps leading on both men.

How Is The Plot Problematic?

The first episode, in spite of being a slow-paced show, manages to present its narrative quite impactfully. The basic storyline of ‘Baddua’, despite having powerful plot points, doesn’t really look anything different from our usual dramas like ‘Jhooti’, ‘Dilruba’ and ‘Jalan’, where a central female character destroys several lives and leads on a number of male characters. We also get to see Mohsin’s spineless cousin, who claims to die if he refuses to marry her. It is not a delight to see such a portrayal of women, who are not stern in any possible way.


Actress Amar Khan delivers yet another amazing performance. To see her in a polar opposite character this time is indeed a treat for her fans as well as the regular drama viewers. Mohsin Abbas Haider is already a seasoned actor and Muneeb Butt, in his short appearance, is also convincing as the rich and handsome Junaid.

Apart from the sensational lead stars, ‘Baddua’ also features an ensemble supporting cast that performs brilliantly. Including actors like Samina Ahmed, Mahmood Aslam, Shaheen Khan, Salma Hassan and Maryam Noor. The drama will also witness some new entries in a couple of episodes which will bring actors Osama Tahir and Saba Faisal to the plot along with some twists and turns worth waiting for. 

The Makers

‘Baddua’ is another project of Abdullah Seja’s iDream Entertainment Production, which released its two new dramas ‘Berukhi’ and ‘Mere Apne’ last week on the same channel. Directed by ‘Jhooti’ and ‘Khwab Nagar Ki Shehzadi’ fame Ramish Rizvi, ‘Baddua’ is penned down by Samina Ejaz of ‘Yaariyan’.

Summing Up

Baddua’ serves a powerful first episode that manages to hook viewers right away with some impressive performances and a gripping storyline and execution. Hoping to see the story get more interesting in the following episodes and not end up being a typical one.


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