HUM TV Drops Exciting Teasers For Bilal Abbas And Hadiqa Kiani Starrer ‘Dobara’


HUM TV has always impressed its audience with its line of exciting dramas on topics that focus on all wakes of life. And like always, HUM TV hasn’t disappointed audiences seeking to watch something exciting and new on television. Here, we’re talking about the upcoming drama serial ‘Dobara’ that stars talented Bilal Abbas alongside the singer turned actress Hadiqa Kiani, who massively impressed her audience in her last drama, ‘Raqeeb Se’.

Directed by Danish Nawaz of ‘Ishq Tamasha’ and ‘Sun Yaara’ fame, ‘Dobara’ has been written by Sarwat Nazir. It is a Momina Duraid production and features Bilal Abbas, Hadiqa Kiani, Javed Sheikh, Usama Khan, Nabeel Zuberi, Sabeena Syed, and Sakina Samo in pivotal roles.

HUM TV has already rolled out teasers of ‘Dobara’ and from the looks of it, this is going to be a love story between an aged woman and her young husband.

Teaser No. 1

The first teaser shows Hadiqa Kiani in a debate between choosing what she wants and what society expects of her. Giving in to what her heart desires, this lady is then seen battling between her family and her newly wedded husband, who is rather young than her but claims to love her wholeheartedly. What impresses and intrigues the viewers about this teaser is how Hadiqa Kiani gives in to what her heart desires and how she stands strong to battle society against what she believes in.

Teaser No. 2

We see the teaser focusing around Hadiqa Kiani’s character who says that two people have knocked on her heart and when life is giving her a chance at deceit, she wants one that at least looks good. Which translates to her marrying Bilal Abbas in question.

Teaser No. 3

Teaser 3 is by far the most interesting and also offers comic relief in the otherwise intense setting of the serial. The teaser shows Javed Sheikh trying to woo Hadiqa Kiani’s character, wanting to bag her as his trophy wife. Javed Sheikh’s comic timing is impeccable and the setting seems fun. All in all, we’re eager to watch how Javed Sheikh’s character will navigate and react to losing Hadiqa’s character i.e. Mehru to Bilal Abbas Khan and when and if it turns negative.

Teaser No. 4

Another Teaser shows Usama Khan and Bilal Abbas in a tussle, where the former asks the latter to leave his mother alone and go away from her life or else there will be circumstances. Bilal Abbas is then seen being hit by a car and a debate being ensued about what will happen if he dies. It will be interesting to watch how Bilal Abbas as the stepfather and Usama Khan as the stepson, navigate their tussle in this battle of will and power.

The teasers of ‘Dobara’ have certainly intrigued us and left us wanting more. Over the years, Danish Nawaz has always impressed with his directorial projects and if ‘Dobara’ is an inch close to what Danish Nawaz has brought for his audience before, this one will be a massive entertainer for sure.


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