Zakham Impresses With Well-Directed, Thoughtful Performances

Geo Entertainment is on a spree of showcasing quality content. So far we have seen, Mere Humnasheen, Chauraha, Saaya 2, and now, Zakham has joined the race. What’s commendable are the completely different genres that are keeping viewers invested. Zakham is a refreshing addition to the list. Revolving around love, respect, and trust, Zakham depicts a complex web of relationships. 

Zakham: Cast And Makers

Zakham has been written by Rida Bilal, directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi, and features Aagha Ali, Sehar Khan, Azfar Rehman and Sidra Niazi in pivotal roles. It is bankrolled by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment and airs daily at 9 PM on Geo Entertainment. 

The Plot

The first episode of Zakham opens well. The director at once introduces his lead actors Areej, (Sehar Khan) an obedient young girl living with her father Arif (Waseem Abbas), stepmother Seema (Sana Fakhar) and sister. Areej’s mother passed away during her childhood, and since then, she has been quietly dealing with the rude behavior of her stepmother. Areej loves to paint, aims to study, and be independent in life. 

The narrative takes a dramatic turn as Sikander (Aagha Ali) enters the frame: an arrogant, insensitive, and self-centered rich man who eyes Areej at an exhibition. He is bowled over by her beauty and goes all out to get her. Arif, who works at Sikander’s company, is being trapped with a fake scheme by giving him money on interest with a commitment of double profit. 

The promo of the next episode hints at more twists, turns and trouble. Another track features Affan (Azfar Rehman), a caring son to his mother, Sauleha (Rubina Ashraf). 

What’s Good In Zakham

A round of applause for the director who takes his time in establishing the narrative without being in a rush. We get time to know the characters and their world. The pacing is just right – one doesn’t feel impatient by unnecessarily long sequences. Towards the end of the episode, we are intrigued by the characters and are anxious to know the proceedings.

The Performances

Aagha Ali gets the opportunity to display histrionics and he does it with a complete understanding of the character. Viewers find themselves hating Sikander and that’s a triumph for any actor. Sehar Khan, too, delivers a fine performance. One can witness the raw and real emotions behind her demeanor. Sana Fakhar leaves a strong mark as the vicious stepmother. Waseem Abbas is adequate. Nazish Jahangir is yet to make an appearance.  

Summing Up

Zakham looks promising thus far. The plot, along with good performances, has the potential to fetch viewership. A good start, indeed!


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