‘Meri Shehzadi’ Review: Unique Storyline Presents A Princess Diana Rendition

Meri Shehzadi
Meri Shehzadi

It can be seen that Pakistani television dramas have been trying to evolve by taking new heights with the type of content which is less generic and vague, and more on the topics that matter other than repetitive stories. The newly released drama, ‘Meri Shehzadi’ is a breath of fresh air amongst these challenging times and is inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales, a member of the Royal family, whose personality was an ideal example of empowerment. 

Meri Shehzadi’ is penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, whose well-known dramas ‘Pyaar ke Sadqay’ and ‘Cheekh’  were a social sensation amongst the audience. Under the banner of Momina Duraid Production, the serial is directed by ‘Mere Humsafar’’s director, Qasim Ali Mureed. According to HUM TV’s YouTube description, “‘Meri Shehzadi’ is the story of Dania raised by her grandfather – a dedicated admirer of monarchies, who treats his granddaughter like a princess. Will Dania also face the same trials, tribulations and difficulties that come with a life of royalty?”

The Story And The Cast

The serial is said to have all the glimpses of love, anguish and tragedy. The drama beautifully captures the reminiscence of Lady Diana in of the main characters, Dania (Urwa Hocane) from her growing years to when the tragedy struck in the house of royalty. And this seems effortlessly portrayed by ‘Udaari’ actress Urwa Hocane. It also features Ali Rehman Khan as Shahroze, Muhammad Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Shamim Hilaly, Shabbir Jan, Nauman Masood and Najiba Faiz.

An Emotional Start

The first episode gives us a little background on the character of Dania ad her surroundings. The scene begins with Qavi Khan who has played the role of Dania’s grandfather, depicting the first-person narration to the audience about the day he lost his daughter, Dania’s mother, he was blessed with Dania. She is treated as a “shehzadi” by her grandparents because of the love and adoration they both hold for her. While talking about the drama during its pre-release phase Urwa said in an interview: “It’s about time that we need to portray strong female figures and ‘Meri Shehzadi‘ is filled with these messages, where the viewers will learn along the way.”

The Conflict

The episode was short, crisp instead of being dragged and gives a quite clear idea of what is going around, for instance, the conflict between Diana and her father and the tension and clash in the two sides of the family. Towards the end, the character of Shehroze (Ali Rahman), the other lead cast, was also introduced as the situation turns to worsen for Dania, which really upsets her grandparents. He seems more of an antagonist but we have to wait for more episodes to see that. In a nutshell, the whole episode throughout was not messed up but rather a constructive one taking the storyline in a single loop, and establishing the main gist of the serial.


In conclusion, the serial has set high hopes. The audience will get to view some meaningful and different storylines than the traditional content. It’ll be interesting to see how Dania’s life is to change and how she will face the trials that come along her way.


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