Netizens Talk About What They Have Learned From ‘Chauraha’

From the very beginning Geo Entertainment’s ‘Chauraha‘ had taken up a very different narrative. The story brought about was cliched, the effects of social media, but its execution was relatively different and rather impressive. It was good to see Madiha Imam take up a character that matured with each episode and taught valuable life lessons to everyone around. For the character that Mikaal Zulfiqar played – the actor’s execution of the role was perfect to the T- we just wished it could have been more real and stayed as negative as it was, because in real life, hardly any professional criminal, no matter his background, ever feels the tiniest bit of remorse.

Lessons Imparted

Chauraha‘ brought about the conventional wisdom of using social media wisely and how its excess could lead to a disaster. Within its subplots the drama also brought about other subliminal messages about how life doesn’t end with a tragedy, a widow has all the right to live and bring up her child however she likes and that being married and having a man isn’t what one should only be aspiring for.

The Audience Reaction

Chauraha‘ did end on a positive note for people who weren’t looking for a happy ending for Junaid (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and Zoya (Madiha Imam). Although a few were hoping for Zoya to forgive Junaid and live happily thereafter, the makers chose a different but empowering ending for the show. For once a mainstream drama showed a woman taking a stand for herself, moving towards independence and not falling for her kidnapper, no matter how much he repented.

Ever since the drama ended, social media has been flooded with praises for ‘Chauraha‘ and the message it tried to put across. The lesson is resonating well with the audience and people have been complimenting the actors, writer and makers of ‘Chauraha’ for bringing across something powerful and different from the run-of-the-mill stories.

Here’s what the audience is saying about learning a great deal from ‘Chauraha‘.


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