‘Qalandar’ Review: An Enchanting Tale Of Having Faith In God


Having faith in God and completely surrendering to him is what one needs to believe in at all times, and we often question if our prayers go unanswered and why this is happening to us. Geo TV has come up with a very innovative storyline based on the concept of having full faith in God. Written by the famous writer Samra Bukhari, directed by Saima Waseem, and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, carried out under the auspices of 7th Sky Entertainment, the newly released drama ‘Qalandar’ stars Muneeb Bhatt and Komal Meer, and Ali Abbas in the lead roles. With Mikaal Zulfiqar in charge, it was a unique drama serial. Fans are looking forward to watching the actor’s first role behind the scenes.


This is the first debut of the new screen couple and it emphasizes the impact of having full faith and belief in God. The first episode of the drama was very refined as it gives a brief introduction to the characters. Muneeb Bhatt is starred as Tabriz, who is very self-centred and wants to be successful at any cost, while his brother Irfan (Ali Abbas) is quite literally the opposite of him. He is a decent man who wants to have a decent living without any illegal or wrongdoings but often goes unnoticed and unappreciated by his father who rather shows concern for Tabriz as they have spent a huge amount of money on his education and well-being. 

As the episode moves forward we are introduced to the character of Komal Meer as Dur – e -Adan; a girl who has a very religious upbringing, prays often and is very virtuous. She’s quite pious, and whenever she prays, God grants her desires. Prayers have a substantial impact on her since she is portrayed as a person who has full trust in God.


As the drama will move forward, it will be quite a matter of fact to ponder upon how Tabriz and Dur e Adnan will move forward despite being of the opposite charisma. In short, this drama is about spirituality and having a thought on the notion that prayers do miracles and no matter how rich of the status we might get, if we summon ourselves to God’s will, there is always a way and if not then the road will always be rough.


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