Is Agar’s Story Similar To Dobara?

Agar and Dobaara
Agar and Dobaara

Hum TV is among the top entertainment networks in Pakistan’s television industry. They have been serving quality content for decades to people who understand the Urdu language around the globe. Due to their exceptionally well-written scripts and closer-to-reality stories, the channel has received acknowledgements from both; the audience and critics.

Recently, the channel released teasers of its upcoming drama ‘Agar’ starring Junaid Khan and Usama Khan opposite Juggun Kazim and Hina Altaf respectively. The project is penned down by Madiha Shahid of ‘Aik Thi Raniya’ and ‘Dilaawaiz’ and directed by Ilyas Kashmiri of ‘Aik Sitam Aur’. The teasers are well cut yet fail to trick the viewers from observing the similarities the show might have with Hum TV’s other drama ‘Dobara’.

The Teasers And The Story

Teasers of ‘Agar’ present the story of two women respectively played by Juggun Kazim and Hina Altaf who due to the difference in age and maturity have contrasting desires and perceptions regarding love and life. Juggun’s character in the show seems to be a more sensible and simple individual who sees life through an absolute non-materialistic lens. While Hooriya played by Hina Altaf prefers physical beauty and material cost over spirituality and love.

Junaid Khan and Usama Khan seemingly have diverse roles in the show opposite the leading ladies. While the character of Junaid Khan is a charmer and adds a more mature-love angle to the story opposite Juggun Kazim, Usama Khan plays a young guy having dreams and aspirations.

Another Older Woman – Younger Man Love Story?

Millennial love stories and young, passionate love seem to have become an overdone plot now as this refreshing narrative of middle-aged love is taking over our television and we are all for it.

Hum TV’s recently ended drama Dobarastarring Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas Khan created a buzz over social media for its fresh narrative highlighting the marital relationship between a younger man and an older woman. Saba Qamar and Noman Habib starrer ‘Bunty I Love You’ portrayed a similar tale.


Seeing meaningful narratives presented on television always gives a refreshing feel however one concept being circulated to different slots with minor changes in script and cast will cause monotonous. ‘Agar’ is going to start in a few weeks and we’ll be looking forward to watching and talking about its story and are only hoping that there will be more to it than what’s seen in the teasers.


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