‘Badshah Begum’ Ends On A Tragic Yet Thrilling Note

Badshah Begum
Badshah Begum

Grand setups, stellar cast, mind-boggling performances, and an absolute admirable premise, this is all one looks for on television these days. However, that requires the hand of a sensible director along with the support of an equally creative team, which with all our inclinations we observed in HUM TV’s most recent drama ‘Badshah Begum’.

Following a long delay and several changes in the cast and team, the project went on air this year with a grand launch party at the place of the producer Rafay Rashdi. Ever since the project made it to our TV screens, the excellence outshined everything else, given there could have been improvements in some areas.

‘Badshah Begum’ ended last night while leaving the audience on the edge of their seats and giving refreshing anticipation of another season.

The Drama

Starring Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui, Farhan Saeed, Yasir Hussain, and Saman Ansari in pivotal roles, the show had a bunch of uber-talented artists in intriguing characters. ‘Badshah Begum’ is directed by Khizer Idrees of ‘Laapata’ and written by ‘O Rangreza’’s Saji Gul. 

Rafay Rashdi and Momina Duraid’s production turned out to be a win-win for the project despite its slow pace and an excessive number of episodes. The direction and visual appeal however have been a plus point. The plot, execution, and story managed to grab the attention of the masses and critics right at the moment it was announced a few years back, which got acknowledged rightfully after its release.

The Last Episode

After a great run of 35 episodes, the serial aired its final episode last night which delivered a great sequence of tragedy, action, and thrill all along. Especially the dreadful killing of most major characters of the story created and lasted a strong impact on the masses.

The show is believed to be based on true incidents that occurred during the Mughal era, as the name suggests, the drama contains events inspired by the life of the lady lord of the Agra Fort however, no such factors have been discussed in detail by anyone from the team.

Coming back to the conclusion of the show, heavy, majestic, royal, and charming visuals were a constant feel of it. Though a number of people still found it a bit difficult to process the ending. While many viewers wanted Shahzaib to get the throne of Peeranpur, a lot of fans however wanted to see a happy end for JahanAara which obviously turned out to be more chilling than the entire serial.


Television viewers with a keen sense of art and literature are all for sensitively handled concepts like ‘Badhshah Begum’ offered. It was a great sight every week to see our local production value upgraded to be as gorgeous as this. Provided, we still need to revisit the dynamics of a number of episodes to make our content more impactful widely.


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