Stepping into the Glamorous World of Indo-Pak Couples

Indo-Pak Couples

Ah, Celebrity Couples! We can’t have enough of them, can we? Tabloids are always bustling with celebrity scandals and updates on their dating lives.

One such topic that generates headlines, particularly in Pakistan, is when a celebrity gets involved with someone on the other side of the border. Dating an Indian actor as a Pakistani celebrity is quite the scandal. The two countries are constantly at odds with each other, and these political tensions end up bleeding into entertainment news as well.

Below is a list of Indo-Pak couples that got together and caused quite a stir.

Naseem Shah and Urvashi Rautela

The Bollywood actress turned heads when she wished the Pakistani pacer Happy Birthday under an Instagram post. To which Naseem responded with gratitude.

It is important to note that Urvashi has a history of sharing video edits of Naseem on Instagram. The ex-pageant winner claims they were “fan-made cute edits” posted by her team. This was right after she was seen in attendance at the Asia Cup 2022.

Naseem Shah in the past said that he was unaware of her but now it seems to have changed with the Birthday wish. Urvashi also follows Naseem on Instagram so the two are certainly on each other’s radars and seem to be on good terms.

Naseem has, however, refused to comment on the situation many times, and news of any communication between the two celebrities is based more on fan assumptions than actual facts. Why wouldn’t fans want another popular Indian bhabhi anyway?

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

It’s hard to miss Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza when talking of famous Indo-Pak couples. This cross-border love affair started over a decade ago in 2010. Shoaib was serving a year-long cricket ban by Pakistan’s Cricket Board meanwhile Sania was struggling with injuries and relation issues of her own.

The couple was subjected to a lot of trolling and criticism online from both sides. But none of that got in the way since they got married shortly after and have been together ever since. They are still probably the most high-profile cross-border couple.

Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan

We can see a pattern emerging with sports being at the center of it. Pakistani cricket legend Mohsin Khan married Bollywood actress Reena Roy in 1983. The actress had decided to quit Bollywood after marrying Mohsin.

The marriage, however, did not last very long. The couple had a daughter together, for which Reena got custody.

Farhan Saeed and Amrita Rao

The two met in 2008 when Saeed’s band Jal visited India for a Wall’s ad starring Rao. Both instantly became close and were often spotted together at public events. The love affair didn’t last long though with the couple splitting up shortly after.

Both have now been happily married for years to their respective partners.

Iman Ali and Imtiaz Ali

Pakistani superstar Iman Ali was seen with famous Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali which set social media ablaze. The Khuda Kay Liye star and Jab We Met director sparked relationship rumors when the photograph hit social media.

No further confirmation was ever given from either side however, and the photo is all we got to see of these two. The couple seemed to have broken up long since.

Wasim Akram and Sushmita Sen

The two got together after the tragic passing of Wasim’s first wife, Huma Akram. The Swing King and Miss Universe were the talk of town for quite some time. The couple eventually ended the relationship with a mutual break up. Wasim is of course now happily married to Shaniera Akram.

These are just a few examples of Indo-Pak couples that turned heads and generated conversations. Which one is your favourite and are you rooting for Naseem Shah and Urvashi Rautela?


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