Stuck in Love and Bound by Values; Murtasim Khan Impresses Viewers

Murtasim Khan from Tere Bin

“Murtasim Khan” from Tere Bin is a phenomenon. The name itself is enough to give goosebumps to ladies today. Heartthrob; dream guy and not your average boy next door is how this character should be described.

Any girl will fall for him; Murtasim is that good. And what makes this character more desirable is the fact that Wahaj Ali has played Murtasim Khan to perfection. Murtasim has flaws, but he is someone the ladies swoon over, no matter how inscrutable he comes across.

The Show

Tere Bin on Geo Entertainment stars Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali in lead roles. Murtasim Khan played by Wahaj Ali hails from a conservative family of landlords. He respects and values the morals and traditions of his family more than anything and would die before letting his family down.

On the other hand, Meerub (Yumna Zaidi) has a strong and very confident personality. She is very vocal and voices her opinions actively against social injustices around her. Although Murtasim’s cousin, Meerub has been brought up by her father’s friend and his wife. She considers them her parents and has a different mindset and values than the rest of the family.  

A stroke of fate and familial obligations brings Meerub and Murtasim together but their difference of opinion makes it difficult for them to co-exist. Despite their hatred for each other, both Meerub and Murtasim find themselves falling for each other, however, the dynamics of their elephant-sized egos make it impossible for each one of them to accept their feelings for each other.

Murtasim- Character Sketch

Murtasim Khan, the rich and intelligent landlord hails from Hyderabad. Murtasim grows up witnessing and valuing his family’s respect, tradition and moral values more than anything. Life happens and Murtasim is married to Meerub.

Although their difference of opinion is huge, Murtasim falls in love with Meerub, without even realizing. This leads to a love story, which has become more like a saga now.

Meerub rejects and retaliates against Murtasim every step of the way. Murtasim’s character is one such who loves with immense passion. Perhaps the biggest development in Murtasim’s character is his ability to stand for Meerub where necessary. Although he is one who wouldn’t ever let his family down for anything, Murtasim sometimes revolts because of Meerub.

He never stood up against his own mother but has now started voicing his opinion for the sake of Meerub. Murtasim Khan displays the perfect blend of an obsessive, possessive yet selfless lover, whose every action has a justification that Meerub fails to understand. Sexist yet upright, indifferent yet selfless, Murtasim ensures that living and dying for only the woman he loves is something worth valuing.

Success of Murtasim Khan

Wahaj Ali’s Murtasim has become the most celebrated character on screen today. Murtasim’s charisma, his dialogues, and his overall personality make him the central character of the show. He is a doting son, clever businessman, selfless lover and above all a man with attitude and charm.

The man who has brought life to Murtasim and so much adulation for this character is none other than the amazing Wahaj Ali. Wahaj has not only given his acting chops to Murtasim, but his creativity as well.

Murtasim is no more its writer’s product, but a combined effort of the writer, director and Wahaj’s excellent acting prowess. Murtasim’s values, his moral and revolt for his love have set the bar high for all future male characters onscreen.


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