Remembering Qavi Khan- The Actor, The Icon

Qavi Khan

Qavi Khan needs no introduction. Actor par excellence and a performer so fine that people were left in awe of his charisma and presence he brought to the screen. A prolific performer in film, drama and theatre, Qavi Khan starred in cult classics in his lifetime, offering audience the finest form of entertainment. The veteran actor passed away on Sunday 5th March, 2023, at the age of 80 in Canada, leaving behind a fantastic legacy of films and dramas for years to come.

Industry Mourning Qavi Khan’s Loss

Qavi Khan’s passing is indeed a big loss, not only for his family but for his fans and the entertainment fraternity in Pakistan. The entire industry is mourning the loss of the veteran actor. Singer, actor, Ali Zafar referred to Qavi Khan as an institution in himself and stated that the actor deserved a state funeral for his contribution to the country’s art and entertainment. The President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, stated “Khan was an actor par excellence” while posting his condolences on the social media site Twitter.

Qavi Khan’s Legacy

Muhammad Qavi Khan born on 13 November 1942, was a Pakistani-Canadian film, radio, and television actor who acted in over 200 films. Khan was honoured with the Pride of Performance in 1980 and then with the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award, the third-highest civilian award in the country in 2012, by the Government of Pakistan for his contributions in the field of arts.

Qavi Khan started his entertainment career as a child from Radio Pakistan in Peshawar. After his family moved to Lahore, Khan started his television career in 1965 from PTV and was one of the first actors on the channel, moving on to become the finest, it ever had. In 1966, Qavi Khan started his film career, delivering about 200 films in the span of his lifetime, before finally succumbing to cancer.

His Best Works

Qavi Khan has been around the Pakistani entertainment industry since its inception. Graceful and at ease in television and films both, Khan comes from a breed of actors found very rarely in this part of the subcontinent. Qavi Khan has been a part of some amazing Pakistani dramas including the cult classics, Andhera Ujala, Alif Noon and films like Tiger Gang, Begum Jaan and the very recent Mehrunisa V Lub U and the beautiful, I’ll Meet You There. However, even though Khan has a noticeable film career, he is known and will always be remembered as the finest in television.

Qavi Khan didn’t come from a family of actors but he was one who was perhaps born to act, one who would do his job with utmost sincerity, no matter what role was entrusted to him. Qavi Khan was a phenomenal actor, who deserved all the praise he received. With the repertoire he enjoyed, Khan made a strong place for himself in the industry and not only amongst his audience. With the icon now gone, the loss is huge. For now we see recaps of his work and rejoice over the performer he was and the legacy he has left behind.


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